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Effective anti-cellulite abdomen massage


Excess weight problems are often solved with the help of appropriate diets and lifestyle changes. However, using an abdomen massage for slimming, one can get rid of fat on the sides and sagging skin much faster. With its help, fat deposits are significantly reduced, skin tone improves, and muscles are tightened.

Many beauty and massage salons offer massage treatments. Anti-cellulite abdomen massage is also included in the list of procedures. The effectiveness of this procedure has been repeatedly proven in practice.

At the same time, if the abdomen massage is chosen, its benefits will largely depend on the specific physique, the experience of the specialist, the compliance of the technique with the features of the figure. The duration of the session and the intensity of the exposure also matter. It makes sense to combine an abdomen massage for slimming with various breathing exercises, wet and dry wraps. It is also recommended to combine it with the usage of an anti-cellulite cream.

Other procedures that can have a similar effect:

  • Hardware ultrasound cavitation is used for liposuction; it allows you to lose weight in problem areas quickly without the exhausting physical exertion and painful injections.
  • Chinese Tuifu massage is used to remove gases accumulated in the peritoneum, toxic mucus and feces, improves well-being and has a noticeable healing effect.
  • Myofascial massage is a technique where the exposure is performed not on the muscles, but on the surrounding muscle membranes, the so-called fascia.
  • Visceral massage is a technique of deep pressure on the peritoneum to affect the internal organs; it improves lymph circulation, increases skin elasticity, and helps to get rid of cellulite.

How to do an abdomen massage

Massage for the abdomen and sides slimming should be done very carefully. It is advisable not to touch the area of the lymph nodes. The recommended time for massage is at least three hours after eating. Also, you should not eat for an hour after the procedure.

The sides and the abdominal area should be rubbed very carefully, if possible without sharp pressure. This should be taken into account by those who practice self-massage.

A flat stomach massage is recommended to do on moistened skin; for this purpose, special massage oils are applied. One should not forget about the quality of food. A balanced diet full of vegetables and fruits in combination with massage treatments provides a wonderful effect.

As for the choice of techniques for the abdomen massaging, the simplest and most effective one is a manual anti-cellulite massage. The skin is smoothed with the palms; the waist, back, and upper abdomen are intensively rubbed. The lower part of the peritoneum is massaged more delicately, using circular movements of different amplitudes. Sharp pressings below the navel should be avoided. Stroking is combined with pinching, patting, and beating with the tips of your fingers.

The correct technique of abdomen massage leads to a rapid warming up of the skin, light tingling. At the same time, there should be no pain.

Indications for the procedure:

  • Noticeable sagging of the skin, especially after childbirth
  • Fat on your sides
  • Sagging stomach
  • Weak muscle tone of the body

Is an abdomen massage useful?

Abdomen massage also has contraindications:

  • High blood pressure
  • Identified oncological diseases
  •  Malignant tumors
  • Infectious and fungal skin diseases
  • High temperature

An important condition is the absence of chronic and neglected diseases. The best solution is to consult with your doctor in advance; he/she must have the opportunity to help in the selection of suitable wellness techniques.

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