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Aromatherapy in the spa: how essential oils promote relaxation and wellness


Aromatherapy in SPA center is not only a pleasant sensation of fragrance, but also a real medical practice that will bring health and harmony. The main benefits of SPA aromatherapy include:

  • healthy sleep - SPA aromatherapy helps you relax and fall into a restful sleep, providing deep and restorative rest;
  • stress reduction - aromas affect the limbic system, improving mood and reducing stress and anxiety;
  • reduction of joint stiffness – warm compresses with essential oils help relax muscles and joints, relieving tension and stiffness.

It is important to note that aromatherapy can also be beneficial for expectant mothers. Some essential oils have an analgesic effect and help to cope with discomfort during pregnancy. The Royal Thai Spa beauty center has been successfully practicing aromatherapy for pregnant women for many years, offering its clients an individual approach and professional care. The website provides detailed information about special SPA treatments for pregnant women: safety and benefits.

Features of SPA treatments with the use of aroma oils

The choice of a specific aroma in SPA aromatherapy depends on the current mood, worldview and emotions. By choosing the right scent, you can achieve a certain effect and improve your condition. Here are a few scents and a description of their properties:

  • Lavender - a classic scent that contributes to peace and deep sleep.
  • Eucalyptus – helps to relieve stress, makes breathing easier and creates an atmosphere of freshness.
  • Ylang-ylang - relaxes, awakens sensuality and fights insomnia.
  • Needles – fills witht the forest energy, gives a feeling of peace and confidence.
  • Tea tree - gives a feeling of safety and peace, helps eliminate anxiety and fear.
  • Mint - an excellent remedy for calming and relieving stress, helping to activate brain function.

It is important to remember that the use of aroma oils must correspond to the specifics of the SPA center and the expected effect. They can be used in various ways, such as aerophytotherapy, aroma sauna, rubbing and baths.

SPA treatments for athletes also include aromatherapy to promote recovery and relaxation after intense training. At the Royal Thai Spa it is possible to try individually selected SPA treatments for athletes: recovery and relaxation that will help you to achieve harmony and find inner peace.

What conditions and statuses may serve as contraindication for aromatherapy in SPA

Many people wonder whether aromatherapy can be harmful to health. In reality, there are certain cases when SPA aromatherapy may not be advisable. These include:

  • allergic reaction - some components of the essential oils can cause allergic reactions in humans. In such cases, aromatherapy can lead to unpleasant consequences;
  • taking medications - some aroma substances may interact with medications, which may affect their effectiveness or safety;
  • lactation - during breastfeeding, aromatic molecules can penetrate into the milk and cause unpredictable reactions in the baby.

Relative contraindications are bronchial asthma and child age. In these cases, it is recommended to consult a doctor before using aromatherapy. It is important to understand that aromatherapy SPA should not replace the recommendations of a specialist and taking medications. When organic oils are used correctly, side effects are rare, but remember that they are not a panacea and require a sensible approach.

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