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Ayurvedic head massage relieves tension, improves hair condition


After summer, hair becomes more brittle, loses shine and elasticity. The scorching rays of the sun dehydrate and dry out the skin. To restore a luxurious look to your hair, try Ayurvedic head massage. It helps to improve blood circulation in the head and neck area, which in turn promotes active penetration of nutrients into the hair follicles.

Ayurvedic head massage is carried out with using special oils. Warm aromatic oils relieve nervous tension, eliminate headaches, insomnia, and increase hair strength. It is a kind of combination of therapeutic oil massage and relaxing aromatherapy.

The oily texture works better on the energy points located on the head. Each point is responsible for a separate organ or system of internal organs.

What oils are used during the procedure?

  1. As a base oil, master uses: sesame (improves sleep quality, prevents hair loss, eliminates headaches), almond (vitamin E contained in the oil makes hair shinier and stronger), coconut (nourishes the scalp, fights premature gray hair, removes dandruff ).
  2. You can add and combine oils: sandalwood, chamomile, lavender, geranium, jasmine, lime, mint, juniper, rosemary, tangerine, etc.

In Ayurvedic head massage, in addition to oils, herbs are used that are useful for the skin and hair:

  1. lavender – calms down, lowers blood pressure, relieves swellings and inflammations;
  2. nettle - stimulates hair growth, deeply nourishes follicles, prevents hair loss;
  3. chamomile – is a good natural antiseptic, improves skin condition, gives shine to the hair, brightens a little, paints over gray hair;
  4. calendula - normalizes sebum secretion, stimulates hair growth, prevents fragility and hair loss;
  5. mint - accelerates metabolic processes, gives incredible shine, relieves psycho-emotional stress.

The benefits of Ayurvedic head massage can hardly be overestimated:

  1. restores the pH level of the skin;
  2. eliminates dandruff and dryness of the epithelium;
  3. activates blood circulation in the head and neck area;
  4. nourishes hair follicles;
  5. moisturizes hair, makes it more durable, elastic;
  6. stimulates the nervous system;
  7. plunges into a state of complete relaxation and bliss;
  8. helps to reduce the intensity of a number of mental disorders: headaches, migraines, anxiety, dizziness, insomnia, stuttering, panic attacks, etc.;
  9. provides a rejuvenating effect;
  10. helps to recover from prolonged stress and mental strain;
  11. improves brain activity.

Ayurvedic head massage originally comes from India

Once upon a time, Indian head massage was considered as one of the elixirs of longevity. Several centuries ago, Hindus resorted to a special technique that had a healing effect on the entire body at once. Indian masters performed a real ritual. During the process, there was an even distribution of energy between the chakras, the purification of the body's meridians (energy channels), and the enlightenment of the mind. Part of the procedure was devoted to special preparation like reading mantras.

During the Ayurvedic head massage, master partly makes face massage. Nourishing oils deeply moisturize the skin, sharpen the oval and give healthy color like delicate blush.

The alternative to Ayurvedic head massage is Thai massage. The impact on the acupuncture points of the head helps to cope with anxiety and improve the quality of sleep. Thai head massage covers all areas - face, back of the head, neck, ears.

After several sessions, the contours of the face become more expressive, the hair is healthier, and there is lightness in the body and gait. Thai massage is a great way to recover from prolonged stress and depression.

Ayurvedic head massage can be done at home

Allow yourself to get a lot of pleasure, benefit and relaxation at home.

  • Heat the oil in your hands.
  • Start rubbing into the skin in the area of the crown, gradually move to the auricles, then to the back of the head.
  • Add a little more oil to the back of your head, tilt your head forward, continue to massage.
  • With light pressure movements, go from the left ear to the back of the head, repeat the same on the right side.
  • Massage your forehead, temples, ears.
  • Go to the cervical region - carefully but gently knead the skin.
  • Finish the procedure with stroking from the top of the head to the back of the head.

Autumn blues are already knocking at the door. Ayurvedic head massage will protect you from seasonal swings of.

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