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Beneficial Effects of Thai Massage


Each person is an individual, the same as his behavior, lifestyle and other characteristics. But if something is good for one, it does not mean good for everyone. This axiom sounds right, but not for Thai massage, effect of which has been proven by thousand years of practice and numerous studies by doctors and physiologists. Spa therapy as a part of healthy lifestyle is used as not just for some kind of effect on the body, but as the entire health and energy practice philosophy.

People visit Thai massage not only for the purpose of healing and getting rid of certain types of ailments, but also to monitor their body condition. The main thing is to choose the right massage type according to the indications and contraindications. The Royal Thai Spa center offers a wide range of services, so everyone who wants to relax and get a dose of relaxation can find their own procedure here.

Thai massage effect

Traditional Thai massage had several names: passive, Thai yoga, when no effort is required from the patient. The technique is based on the tenets of oriental medicine. As a result of manipulations, a tremendous effect on the body is achieved, which helps to improve overall well-being. This is one of the most deeply developed and tradition-honored methods to restore strength, mental and physical balance - the body is charged with vigor and positive energy.

A feature of traditional Thai massage is the involvement of all parts of the body during the session: elbows, knees, feet. This helps to deeply and thoroughly work on all areas, which will lead to a more expressed and long-lasting result. The Royal Thai Spa beauty center offers many services aimed at different areas:

  • whole body;
  • head;
  • back;
  • face;
  • feet.

If you do a Thai foot massage, what effect can you get from the procedure? This question is regularly asked by the clients. The answer to this is quite simple and obvious - because today technology involves the following effects:

  • therapeutic;
  • restorative;
  • relaxing;
  • body shaping.

The initial purpose of the Thai technique was a relaxing and calming effect, pain relief and ailments elimination. The positive effect on the nervous system, which began to be noticed after one session already, can’t be unnoticed. Reflexotherapy in Thai massage: points and techniques significantly help to cope with emotional and physical stress, chronic fatigue.

Another not less frequently asked question is how often to do a Thai massage. The golden rule comes works here - “more” does not always mean “better”. Despite all the effectiveness, it is necessary to attend sessions according to the recommendations of specialists.

It is necessary to pay special attention to certain recommendations regarding the duration and number of sessions. Too intense and repeated loads can cancel the positive results obtained. To avoid this kind of consequences, you need to follow simple recommendations. How often can you do Thai massage to achieve the desired effect? So, just a few sessions and you can forget about the back and muscle pain you lived with for a long period.

Thai massage: how often you can do it

Traditional Thai massage effectively copes with problems that did not go away with the help of medical treatment. The correct effect on the body makes it possible to feel truly alive in every body cell. How often it is necessary to do a Thai massage so that it brings results, taking into account the existing problems? For example, one person will feel better after 4 sessions, while another needs from 8 to 12 to achieve the desired effect.

When visiting the SPA center, a program is developed for each client, which is recommended to be followed. Among the most common versions of how often it is necessary to do a Thai massage, are the following:

  • visiting procedures on an ongoing basis once every 10-14 days;
  • frequency of events once in six months/year.

The majority of massage therapists recommend sticking to the second approach for more benefits. Daily sessions are permitted only if they are prescribed by the doctor. It is better to have sessions no more than several times a week, in order not to expose the body to intense stress and give it a proper rest.

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