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What’s an Ear Massage Good for


The ears are special zones where about 170 active spots are concentrated. So even self-massage at home can be good for the general well-being. If you do the massage of the earlobe correctly, it will help alleviate some illnesses, relieve pain, reduce symptoms of chronic illnesses, establish healthy sleep, strengthen the immune system, etc.

Sometimes a home massage is necessary to improve hearing. Note that only an external surface is affected. The middle part of the ear and the eardrum stay out of reach. However, it is crucial to consult a doctor before such treatment. For example, this method is invalid under acute or chronic diseases like otitis, tumors, or boils.

But do not be zealous with massage at home, it is better to trust the professionals who know for sure whether it is possible to massage with diabetes.

Spots on Our Ears: What Are They Responsible for in Our Bodies? 

Ear spots for massage can be divided into three categories:

  1. The upper zone is responsible for the legs and the pelvic organs.
  2. The middle part of the earflap – for peritoneum and chest organs.
  3. Earlobes are in charge of the head, neck, brains, shoulders, eyes, and mouth. 

It is not necessary to have acupressure of the ears and face at home. This technique is complicated and requires a great deal of knowledge. A general ear massage without a deliberate concentration on bio-active spots is enough.

How to Massage Ears at Home?

First, you should remove all accessories before the procedure. Then, start massaging the outer part of the auricles and then proceed to the earlobes. Bear in mind to rub softly, pluck a little, and spin them. Besides, it is critical to act on the ear’s surface softly and without undue pressure. It is better to stop the self-massage in case of discomfort.

To make it efficient, massage your earlobes as often as possible. However, one impact must not exceed 3 minutes. Try to squeeze the earlobes in your fingers and then gently pull them down about 40 times until you get a feeling of warmth. Repeat this exercise up to five times a day. According to Chinese medicine, such effects help eliminate neurosis, noise in the ears, migraines, etc.

Another good and simple self-massage method exists. Squeeze your fist and then drive it up and down the earflap, using your thumbs and index fingers. Keep going until the ear warms up and turns a little red. These effects strengthen kidney function, improve brain performance and visual/hearing acuity. It will help by preventing various types of pain, impotence, constipation, cervical spondylosis, tachycardia, dizziness, etc.

It’s definitely worth pampering yourself with a little self-massage, especially when you feel stress, bad mood, and lack of strength. The massage of the earlobe will increase your workability and productivity.

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