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How Kobido facial massage is useful: the best alternative to plastic procedures


Kobido massage - what is it: a means of self-hypnosis or a really effective procedure? Modern cosmetology is known to borrow the best beauty secrets from the past. What do you think can explain the incredible smoothness and turgor of Asian women’s skin? It surely is not just a genetic factor. From generation to generation, Oriental girls have been borrowing systematic facial skincare techniques. The Japanese believe that the secret to longevity lies in proper eating habits and a healthy body.

Among the ancient manual methods, the Kobido Japanese facial massage stands out. Manipulation is quite popular in the beauty industry since it has an impressive effect. The Kobido Japanese facial massage dates back to 1472. The legend says that the Empress of the Land of the rising sun used it to retain her beauty.

The technique uses a simple but very effective ability to work on acupuncture points and lymphatic drainage in order to enable facial tissue lifting without surgery.

Kobido facial massage: performance technique

The session is conducted with the use of easy texture massage oil. It is applied to the fingers and the décolleté area and face are worked out. Movements should be soft and unhurried. Alternating stroking is carried out with the palm upward.

The Kobido facial massage will help to launch lymph drainage and smooth horizontal cervical wrinkles. The movements in the thyroid area are performed especially delicately. After, the face oval is worked out by slow movements along the cheekbones from the chin to the ears.

The nasolabial folds are massaged with circular manipulations of the index fingers in the form of figure 8. Kobido is the most effective facial massage when it comes to vertical wrinkles and the forehead. The session is finished with the mandatory stroking downwards from the center of the forehead and the contour of the neck relieving this way the lymph down.

All muscles are worked out 10-15 times. The Kobido massage technique helps to achieve a balance of facial muscles and emotional background.

Kobido Japanese massage: the main benefits of the procedure

Thanks to the comprehensive research of the facial muscles, the Kobido technique helps to improve the skin condition, namely:

  • allows pinched muscle tissues to relax;
  • has a rejuvenating effect;
  • activates metabolic processes and improves blood supply;
  • the skin takes on a pleasant shade;
  • the number of wrinkles decreases;
  • cells are saturated with oxygen and nutrients, etc.

The Kobido facial massage is an excellent solution to such problems as increased dryness of the skin, excessively oily skin, the presence of acne, depressive states, and so on. In the normal state, the dermis is able to use a special exposure technique which leads to circulatory stimulation in all skin layers, muscles, and fasciae.

The Kobido Japanese massage does not take much time but the result will not be long in coming. As a result of the course, the processes of self-healing and tissue rejuvenation are launched.

Along with the Kobido massage, other effective treatments improve overall well-being and appearance. What the Qigong massage is is probably known to everyone who at least once personally experienced the magical phenomenon of recuperation after the procedure. What the Tok Sen massage is  known to those who are struggling with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, in particular, of the back, after sprains, etc.

Kobido is a Japanese facial massage for those who want to always remain young and beautiful!

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