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What is atraumatic face cleansing


Modern cosmetology methods have become slightly different from medical procedures with technologies and preparations development. As a result, a dedicated branch called aesthetic cosmetology has appeared. So, what is aesthetic cosmetology? It comes to the procedures that require low-level skin cleaning techniques applied by medical professionals. Non-traumatic skin peel for the upper layers of dead skin cells’ removal is one.

Those who do not know what non-traumatic facial cleansing is should experience this procedure with a professional beautician. It is gentle and soft, not capable of harming sensitive skin. In addition, it cannot injure the skin, unlike other mechanical and manual treatments.

Pre-treatment is required before cleansing. The use of hypoallergenic drugs and agents makes it safe for thin skin. For example, innovative fruit acid agents are used for cleansing. They remove dead skin cells and cleanse clogged pores.

As a result, a patient gets clean, velvet-like, and radiant skin. Pitted skin leveling, lifting against wrinkles, skin relief, and refreshed complexion are other advantages that make this method popular in many cosmetic clinics. In addition, regular treatment has a positive effect on cells’ regeneration and contributes to accelerated skin rejuvenation.

What non-traumatic face peel is, and what the contraindications are:

  • Dry and excessively sensitive skin
  • Allergies
  • Skin diseases like herpes or eczema
  • Inflammation and pus formation
  • Fresh cuts and wounds

How to Do Non-Traumatic Facial? 

Unlike ultrasonic or manual methods, this one does not require any instruments or traumatic manual procedures. The latter should be cautioned because of possible contraindications for some diseases. It is better to consult a specialist about the massage with osteochondrosis.

Indications for use:

  • Fat and normal skin
  • Сontaminated skin 
  • Black spots and greasy corks
  • Enlarged pores
  • Skin withering

In the first stage, the skin should be cleaned of cosmetics, skin fat, and contamination. Then, a professional places a mask over the peeled skin to delete the dead epidermis and open the pores. Next, cosmetologist massages skin softly using a special scrub to remove the peeled particles. Finally, the specialist removes the scrap and places a moisturizing mask.

Such facial is recommended at least once a month to preserve the impact. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, but its extension is possible in the case of excessive pores contamination.

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