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Dermoplastic facial massage – an Effective Anti-Age Procedure


Dermoplastic facial, neck, and cleavage massages help solve aesthetic skin problems, remove wrinkles, and correct facial oval. It’s entirely possible through the powerful lip-cutting and reinforcing exposure on the subcutaneous tissue. This technique shows noticeable effect within the general anti-age program paired with the myoplastic facial massage, Japanese plastic procedures, etc.

The blood, lymph, skin tissue is oxygenated, swelling is reduced, and muscles relax after dermoplastics. This type of massage aims at the skin tone’s maximal recovery. After permanent execution, the clients will be happy to see the significant lifting effect. 

Who Needs a Dermoplastic Facial Massage and When?

This procedure is ideal for people with a fine-wrinkled type of aging. Such age changes occur when the body is generally atrophied, the hormonal background falls (for example, in early menopause), most often with genetic conditions. The correction requires a fundamental effect on the organism since its primary task is to strengthen all skin layers.

Here are the key indications for dermoplastic facial massage:

  • Surface or deep facial wrinkles.
  • Skin vitality loss.
  • Double chin, facial oval’s deformation.
  • Swellings, eyelid skin’s sagging, bags, and dark circles under the eyes. 
  • Recovery from injuries and even plastic surgery (specialists work with scars). 


  • Contraindications for dermoplastic facial massage:
  • Hypertension, and hypotension.
  • Skin diseases with pustules.
  • Pregnancy and the breastfeeding period.
  • Oncology.
  • Papillomavirus and multiple moles.
  • Skin infections and SARS.
  • Allergy rash.
  • Blood or lymph diseases.
  • Fever.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Heart diseases and kidney failure.
  • Hemangioma.
  • Tendency to couperosis.
  • Poor blood coagulation.
  • Recent chemical peelings, Botox injections (time must pass), and disposition to capillary-type bleed.
  • Herpes. 

A Brief Description of the Procedure 

The unique chyroplastic technique consists of many complicated facial, neck, and cleavage areas. The work takes place at different skin levels at a fast pace. As a result, dermoplastic facial massage significantly influences blood circulation stimulation, collagen synthesis, epithelium cell division acceleration, and the alignment of the subcutaneous fat cell structure. This procedure dramatically contributes to the scar tissue’s softening.

It’s crucial to take a course of dermoplastic facial massage to achieve significant results. As a rule, 2-3 sessions a week are necessary, and 10-15 procedures are required. Sometimes, a monthly supportive massage is needed.

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