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Is Massage Efficient in Scoliosis


Unfortunately, scoliosis is a rather unpleasant and commonly encountered disease. As a rule, it appears in childhood and has many causes:

  • Сarrying a purse on one shoulder (particularly for girls).
  • Wrong posture while sitting at the desk.
  • Sitting in extremely uncomfortable positions for long periods while reading.
  • Unappropriated beds. 

It takes much effort to correct posture. Manual therapy can help a lot. Massage therapy in scoliosis is an important treatment to relax muscles in the concave area (they are always tense because of spinal deformity). At the same time, muscles in the convex area are too relaxed. 

Massage value in scoliosis is great. It allows relaxing muscles near the spine to correct it faster. Of course, the only massage is not enough since various exercises and gymnastics are crucial for effective treatment.

How to Massage Correctly in Scoliosis

Types of massages to apply in scoliosis depend on the level of spinal deformity. Lateral curvature is also considerable. Massage in left-hand scoliosis can hardly be suitable for children with vascular and cardiac diseases. It is also unacceptable for patients with compromised liver function and renal failure. In these cases, only the attending physician decides on the feasibility of massage in scoliosis. 

Massage techniques in scoliosis consider the type of deformation and the disease status:

  • In C-shaped scoliosis, the method of squeezing is popular. The masseur alternately massages the concave and the convex areas, between the ribs, rubs a lower back, loosens up the sacrum, and finally, massages legs. 
  • Mild scoliosis needs only slight rubbing with control of pressure while kneading muscles. The zone between the shoulder blades requires special attention. 
  • Moderate scoliosis needs different techniques. They include kneading, rubbing, strokes of the chest and between the shoulder blades. Pressure should grow with each next session to put more strain on muscles.

As practice shows, the course of physical therapy has a favorable impact on children organisms. Moreover, mild scoliosis is successfully treated using only massage in most cases. It also can address the causes of neurological disorders.

If it deals with treatment for adults, the same techniques are relevant. The masseur reveals curves and starts massaging problem areas, using rubbing, stretching, kneading, spike motions, and selecting strength individually. 

Massage has both curative and preventive effects. It’s recommended for people with mild, moderate, and severe scoliosis. 

Rapid results of treatment are possible if using various additional methods like Thai massage in scoliosis. In its turn, cavitation has a beneficial effect on muscles and surrounding tissues simultaneously with posture correction. Besides, ultrasonic methods of action affect and ruin adipose tissue. Such an integrated approach is the most efficient and widely used in beauty salons. 

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