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Hemolymphatic drainage massage

Hemolymphatic drainage massage to maintain skin elasticity


Recently you got acquainted with the peculiarities of lymphatic drainage massage. Today we are going to talk about hemolymphatic drainage massage. It is a technique that helps to keep the face and body in good shape.

Hemolymphatic drainage massage has an active effect on the interstitial fluid - one of the most important body`s fluid.

The main task of the procedure is to activate the lymphatic system to minimize or completely eliminate edema.

Hemolymphatic drainage massage has a lymphatic drainage effect:

  1. improves blood and lymph circulations;
  2. promotes the expansion of blood vessels and arteries;
  3. neutralizes stagnation in muscles, tissues;
  4. improves the nutrition of epidermal cells;
  5. removes excess fluid from the body;
  6. increases elasticity, even out skin tone texture;
  7. fights against the manifestations of cellulite;
  8. strengthens the walls of blood vessels and capillaries (if you have varicose veins).

Contraindications to performing hemolymphatic drainage massage:

  1. external skin damage (open wounds, burns, dermatitis);
  2. high blood pressure, body temperature;
  3. oncology;
  4. exacerbation of chronic diseases, tuberculosis;
  5. rheumatism, clogged veins;
  6. ENT problems;
  7. lactation period;
  8. infections and viral diseases.

Hemolymphatic drainage massage has a beneficial effect on the state of the nervous system. It promotes relaxation, reduces psycho-emotional stress, improves brain activity on a par with head massage.

More often, hemolymphatic drainage massage is performed in a SPA-salon.

This type of cosmetic service is becoming more and more popular and in demand among women of different age groups every day.

Is it possible to carry out hemolymphatic drainage massage at home?

In order not to aggravate existing problems, it is advisable to undergo special training, to learn the basic techniques of hemolymphatic drainage massage, to get acquainted with the subtleties of anatomy and dermatology.

You can make light self-massage of the body with a dry brush made of natural bristles (in the direction of lymph movement - from the bottom to the top) to improve lymph drainage; for the face performe only manual manipulations strictly along the massage lines.

The recommended duration of the course of hemolymphatic drainage massage is 7 - 10 procedures twice a week. Beforehand, it is important to consult with your doctor.

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