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Hygienic facial massage - a simple and effective way to rejuvenate


With age, the skin changes its structure - it becomes less elastic, the blush disappears, and the first wrinkles appear. Having noticed the first signs of aging, women are in a hurry to increase the number of used care products (masks, scrubs, peels, anti-aging creams). But not everyone knows that the loss of elasticity is associated primarily with the state of the muscle fibers, which act as a kind of framework. With age, the muscles atrophy, and the contour begins to "float".

To tone muscle tissue, it is necessary to regularly carry out a procedure of hygienic facial massage.

What is the peculiarity of hygienic facial massage?

Hygienic facial massage is a procedure aimed at working out the facial muscles, preventing the appearance of the first wrinkles. The massage technique helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin, healthy color, increase firmness and elasticity.

The classical technique accelerates the metabolism in the epithelial layers, improves cell regeneration in problem areas.

The effectiveness of the procedure is difficult to overestimate:

  1. working out deep and smoothing mimic wrinkles;
  2. improved blood supply to tissues;
  3. leveling the surface (relief) of the skin;
  4. improvement of lymph flow, removal of puffiness;
  5. saturation of cells with oxygen;
  6. strengthening of the facial muscles;
  7. stimulation of collagen and elastin production;
  8. elimination of age spots;
  9. normalization of the sebaceous glands;
  10. getting rid of acne, blackheads and other inflammations.

In addition, the procedure allows you to relax and release tension. A similar effect is observed with oil massage of the head.

In what cases is hygienic facial massage indicated?

Massage technique is indicated in the presence of the following factors:

  1. visible age-related skin changes;
  2. decreased skin tone;
  3. omission of the oval of the face;
  4. grayish skin tone;
  5. violation of sebum secretion, excessive fat content, blockage;
  6. increased dryness of the skin;
  7. hyperpigmentation;
  8. scars, post-acne.

When is it impossible to do a hygienic facial massage?

There are a number of contraindications to the procedure:

  1. violation of the integrity of the epidermis (cuts, open wounds, burns, frostbite);
  2. dermatitis, allergic rashes;
  3. viral and infectious diseases;
  4. increased body temperature, the presence of inflammatory processes in the body;
  5. rashes, acne, acne in the stage of suppuration;
  6. individual intolerance to the cosmetic procedure;
  7. drops in blood pressure;
  8. visible rosacea;
  9. malignant neoplasms (oncology);

10 postoperative period.

Technique and basic rules for hygienic facial massage

During a hygienic facial massage, it is important to adhere to some rules: carry out the procedure only with clean hands, first wash the skin from make-up, make a steam bath for better opening of pores.

The massage complex can be carried out on dry skin without the use of any massage agents, you can also moisturize the epithelium with a nourishing cream, an oil mixture (combine base and essential oils, as in an oil face massage). To determine the method of performing the procedure, it is recommended to consult a beautician.

Technique for performing hygienic facial massage:

  1. The procedure should be started from the area of the brow arches: with the pads of the thumbs, draw along the line of the eyebrows and go down to the lower part of the chin. Then go to the neck area. Movements should be smooth, glide.
  2. Move gradually to the lower jaw and auricles.
  3. Massage the lip area under the chin, then separately the upper and lower lips.
  4. Move to the back of the nose, gradually descend to the wings, then follow the massage lines to manipulate the cheekbones towards the temples.
  5. The forehead area should be massaged from bottom to top, from the center to the temples.
  6. Work out the temporal region in a circular motion in both directions.
  7. Finally, you need to massage the jawline - from the center to the ears with the back of your hand. After circular motions, work on points: corners of the mouth, wings of the nose, cheeks, earlobes. Massage each point 3-5 times.

How often should be a hygienic facial massage performed?

The ideal age to start the procedure is after 25 years, when the regenerative processes in the tissues begin to slow down.

The recommended course is 15 sessions at least once a year, and one maintenance procedure is required monthly. After 35 years, the frequency of maintenance sessions increases to 1 time per week.

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