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How Often Should You Resort to Spain Facial Massage?


Spain facial massage (chiromassage) is one of the most pleasant procedures in modern cosmetology. The unique method provides the muscles’ deep relaxation and skin metabolic processes’ activation. Note that it’s possible to apply chiroplastic facial massage for the entire body. It also does its job when it struggles against cellulite, swellings, and overweight. The course of Spain massage rejuvenates the skin, restores its tone and elasticity, providing a lifting effect. It would be better to trust professionals who have a perfect grasp of massage techniques and help you achieve a visible result after the first session.

The Spain facial Massage’s Peculiarities

The main features driving the method’s effectiveness are the following:

  • Over 100 techniques, used during the massage.
  • No template but individual approach based on skin’s needs.
  • No pain.
  • Movement in the course of lymph outflow.
  • Deep relaxation and positive effects on the nervous system.

Many basic chiromassage techniques exist, including myofascial, bio-vascular, hemolymph-protective, and others. Some of them can be combined, while others cannot be applied together because of opposite effects. The Spain massage works well with other techniques, like facial microcurrents. Note that only experienced cosmetologists can say how often you should use microcurrent facial therapy. 

Advice and Contraindications

Spain facial modeling massage will be helpful if you note the following changes:

  • The muscles are getting flabby, and the face oval is getting worse.
  • The skin lost its elasticity, and ptosis appeared.
  • Facial lines are noticeable.
  • Complexion has faded, and the skin looks unhealthy.

Spain facial massage technique allows getting rid of those cosmetic drawbacks provided that the client takes the entire course.

It’s not recommended to apply massage when you have injuries, abrasions, and other skin surface damage. The massage is forbidden for those with benign neoplasms that might be hurt during the massage. Cancer, mental illnesses, respiratory infections are also contraindicative.

How to Undertake Chiromassage?

Once course of Spain massage usually includes 10–15 sessions. The period between two sessions cannot exceed 1 or 2 days to achieve visible and prolonged effect. It’s recommended to get two sets of sessions twice a year: one set per 6 months.

Cosmetologists recommend this massage three times a year for women after 45–50 because metabolic processes slow down with age. Hence, it’s challenging to keep effect for six months.

The exact number of sessions is always selected individually. The master pays attention to the skin's general condition, additional methods’ relevance, and other factors.

What Effect Should You Expect?

Spain facial massage technique allows achieving impressive results:

  1. Improved muscle tone and face oval.
  2. Moist skin with even tone.
  3. Reduced facial lines, including deep ones.
  4. No puffy face and eye bags.

Chiromassage calms people and helps them fight a headache. During the procedure, the massage therapist’s easy and smooth movements allow you to take your mind off all problems and get completely relaxed during the session.

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