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Yoga head massage to improve hair growth and deep relaxation


In an era of proactive lifestyle, constant stress and lack of rest, the problem of hair loss is becoming more and more urgent. Psycho-emotional stress negatively affects the condition of the scalp. In a result, it leads to such unpleasant phenomena as baldness, dandruff, active sebum secretion, seborrhea, etc.

How to prevent possible situations?

Head massage is a procedure aimed at improving of hair condition, relieving nervous excitability, and eliminating headaches.

There are two main types: cosmetological (to work out problems with the scalp and hair) and therapeutic (fights migraines, chronic fatigue and emotional stress).

Indications for head massage:

  • slow hair growth;
  • dandruff;
  • hypotension (low blood pressure);
  • excessive dryness of the scalp;
  • migraines;
  • frequent headaches;
  • stress, depression;
  • insomnia;
  • increased excitability of the nervous system;
  • chronic fatigue.

Main contraindications:

  1. hypertension, hypertensive crisis;
  2. severe baldness (head massage can be done only to prevent hair loss);
  3. violations of the integrity of the scalp (bruises, open wounds, burns);
  4. dermatological diseases (exanthemas, mycoses, psoriasis, eczema, etc.);
  5. serious mental illness, especially in the acute stage;
  6. oncology;
  7. high body temperature;
  8. cardiovascular diseases, incl. predisposition to thrombosis.

The correct technique of head massage stimulates hair growth and maintains its beauty. During the procedure, blood circulation improves, the afflux of nutrients to the hair follicles is enhanced, which contributes to the deep penetration of oxygen, which plays an important role in the process.

Besides, head massage helps to remove excess sebum and to restore the normal environment for hair. It becomes less brittle, more shiny.

Head massage can be combined with neck massage. There are nerve endings in the neck that are responsible for the performance of the whole body.

So why not use a comprehensive technique for complete recovery?

Head massage is an integral part of hemolymphatic drainage massage; it is used to activate the lymphatic system. Often, as addition, stone therapy is carried out (the impact of natural stones of different sizes on certain parts of the body). The procedures provide incredible relaxation and bring a lot of pleasure.

Indian head massage

Let's start with the history: many centuries ago, Hindus used massage as a way to balance the energy in the chakras. Positive emotions helped to balance internal currents, to achieve balance, state of goodness and happiness.

Natural oils are used for Indian head massage. Such as: brahmi, amla, coconut, sesame, almond, jojoba, ylang-ylang. They help to calm down, activate brain activity, moisturize and tone the skin.

Oils can be left for some time on the hair (30 - 60 min.), To make them soft, shiny, obedient.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that vegetable oils are difficult to wash off - please be patient.

For deeper relaxation and immersion in yourself - during the massage, you can listen to soothing music, such as meditative, tantric music.

Head massage can be made at home

  1. It is better to carry out the massage just before shampooing.
  2. Choose an essential oil depending on the desired effect (soothing, invigorating, tonic, etc.)
  3. Put a few drops on your palms. Rub. Warm up (warm oil penetrates better into the layers of skin and hair).
  4. Start from the back of the head. Place your hands on your neck, begin to make smooth movements, gradually increasing the intensity.
  5. Move towards the forehead. Repeat the movements 2-3 times.
  6. Press lightly on the middle of your forehead. Gradually move to the temples, massage the area in a circular motion.
  7. Massage the crown of your head separately. Next, move to the auricles.
  8. Go over the points located on the ears.
  9. Use improvisation - repeat back and forth movements.
  10. At the end of the massage, comb your hair with a wooden comb for a better effect of the essential oil.
  11. Wrap the hair with a towel (create a vacuum), leave for half an hour. Until then, you can massage your neck and shoulders.

How often head massage can be made?

If you have a number of medical conditions, it is best to agree on the frequency of the procedure with your doctor. If there are no contraindications, you can pamper yourself 2 - 3 times a week.

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