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Visiting of hammam — main recommendations of the turkish bath


One of the popular places for a full-fledged rest is a Turkish sauna — Hamman with its characteristics and rituals. The main peculiarity of the procedure is the capacity to improve health through relaxation, take proper care of the body, and preserve its beauty. From the first minutes of the visit, the unusual rituals of the Hammam will captivate you.

There are strict rules for visiting Hamman that forbid visiting the procedure in the nude. In addition, if you want to attend a session somewhere in Turkey, men and women take a steam bath separately from each other. The temperature in Hammam depends on the room but does not exceed 50-60 degrees. The procedure is very popular, but many people do not know how often you can visit Hammam not to harm the body but to get benefits.

How often you can visit Hammam

When visiting an eastern bathroom for the first time, a person often asks the question: "How many times a week can you visit Hammam?" The advantages of Hammams are legendary. It is a wonderful experience, with the regular use of which the body receives an incredible rush of strength and energy. Nevertheless, as they say, everything should be in balance. The duration of the procedure in the Royal Thai Spa is 1.5-2.5 hours. Before the session, you should not drink alcohol and chilled drinks, as well as eat heavily.

So how often can you visit Hammam? The answer lies in the unique qualities of each body and the health state. It is ordinarily advised to do intensive exfoliation no more than one to three times a week. Then, designating one day for spa procedures, you will be able to keep the body and skin in good shape.

Unlike the Finnish, Japanese and Russian baths, Hammam is more comfortable in temperature and does not so aggressively affect the body. But don't overdo it. This duration is pretty sufficient for eliminating toxins, toxins, activation of the genitourinary system, cleansing from profuse sweating.

Among the positive impacts of the session are mentioned:

  • decreasing stress;
  • cleansing the skin;
  • muscle relaxation;
  • restoration of healthy sleep.

In the Royal Thai Spa, Turkish Hammam is carried out according to the following sequence:

  • warming up the body for the first 15 minutes;
  • deep cleansing of skin pores with the use of a special black soap;
  • foam massage with wrapping;
  • fragrant body massage.

At the end of the procedure, a delicious herbal tea awaits you. You can order a session by phone, and specialists will also guide you on any issue, including the cost of Hammam. Additionally, gift certificates are available in the SPA beauty center, which can be presented for any reason and make a beloved person even happier, giving unforgettable pleasures.

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