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How to Remove a Bunion on Your Foot through a Massage?


A Hallux valgus is a common disease that happens mainly to women over 40. It is also popularly known as a “bunion.” The jobs related to permanent walking foster the disease. The bunion may also appear because of wearing narrow high heels shoes. If you have bunions on your feet, it’s crucial to get rid of them as soon as possible. Pain often accompanies the disease that is challenging to treat. The sooner you pay attention and take action, the more likely the treatment will be successful.

How to remove bunions on feet? The massage is one of the appropriate methods. It will help you to fix the whole situation if you start treatment early. Folk medicine’s solutions are also often used. A body of methods makes you feel better and allows avoiding surgery. The massage on the bunion takes great use:

  • Strengthens the ligaments and feet’s muscles.
  • Reduces the risk of inflammation.
  • Improves blood microcirculation.
  • Helps relax and reduces pain.

Prompt massage will help remove a bunion on foot, regardless of the reason for appearing. 

How to Shrink a Bunion on Your Foot through a Massage?

When a bunion is in bad condition, it’s not easy to deal with the disease. When you have a problem, you have to massage your toe regularly. This procedure is available at home. However, if a specialist looks into this, there will be a much faster effect since he knows the techniques. It comes to not only feet. The expert knows how to massage the child’s head, when the procedures are not suitable, use the methods for Hallux valgus, etc. 

If you apply for a professional, he will select the most efficient tools to solve your problem. Please contact the Royal Thai Spa if you wish to get real help from the expert.

Preparation for a Foot Massage When You Have Bunions

Before massaging the foot when you have bunions, it’s necessary to take some preparatory procedures. For this purpose, the specialists use footbaths with medicinal plants (sage, daisy) or some essential oil drops.

Softening the hard skin is recommended for any foot massage. After the procedure, moisturizing is necessary. Special creams with regenerative, nutritious, and other effects are suitable for this purpose. The ingredients will help restore the skin. The use of special creams may reduce the pain thanks to the compounds’ ability to penetrate deep skin layers.

You can also use products with heating or cooling effects. Creams and ointments with aloe, bear bile or fat, and bischofite have a positive impact.

The bunion massage has a particular sequence. To make you more comfortable, you can put a soft roller under your feet, such as a rolled towel or a small pillow. Don’t let the bunions on your feet and their treatment slide since only professional, timely massage helps reduce the unpleasant consequences.

How to massage Bunions on Feet

When the bunion appears on the feet, the massage has several stages. The doctor prepares the skin and soft tissue for the procedure by grinding the thighs and calves with a light touch to improve the feet’ blood circulation. You have to heat the feet to get rid of the bunion using the massage cream or oil. Starting with the feet’ soles’ stroke, you have to stretch your fingers and then move towards the ankle. 

After completing the procedures, the massage begins. Professionals use a variety of methods, selecting each one individually. If you want to know how to remove the bulging bunion on your feet on your own, consider the following recommendations:

  • It’s necessary to pay attention to the big toe. Just hold the bunion with your hand, and then spin it around its axis in easy motions. You should carefully rotate the finger clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Developing the foot and each finger’s muscle structure, you have to go through the ligaments and muscles, making stretching motions.
  • Four toes’ lifting (10 –15 times) is effective while massaging the bunion on foot. The big toe must be in parallel to the floor. 

If the massage causes severe pain, please stop it. Go to the gentle strokes of the foot. The experts will tell how to get rid of the bunion in this case. Remember that the massage at home doesn’t match pregnant women and patients with varicose veins.

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