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Lymphatic drainage massage


Lymphatic drainage massage is a procedure aimed at improving blood circulation and lymph outflow.

What is lymph? Lymph is a type of connective tissue that transports vital fluids in the body (water, amino acids, minerals) and helps to resist potential diseases. 

Lymphatic drainage procedures eliminate lymph congestion, which manifests itself in the form of edema, cellulite, sagging skin, general weakness.

Lymphatic massage is indicated for: 

  1. swelling of the skin; 
  2. excess adipose tissue; 
  3. metabolic disorders; 
  4. violation of lymphatic drainage (visible manifestation of cellulite); 
  5. a weakened immune system; 
  6. problems with blood circulation in the limbs (constantly cold hands, feet); 
  7. intoxication of the body; 
  8. phlebeurism in a mild form, spider veins; 
  9. recurrent edema (including in the postoperative period, with the exception of oncology);
  10. strong physical exertion on the arms, legs, after injuries;
  11. unstable psycho-emotional state, lingering stress, depression;
  12. obesity;
  13. stretch marks.

Main contraindications: 

  1. exacerbation of thrombophlebitis; 
  2. weak vessels (fragility); 
  3. dermatological diseases (purulent inflammation, herpes, allergic rashes); 
  4. burns; 
  5. neuralgia; 
  6. postoperative period (first weeks); 
  7. diseases of the blood circulatory and lymphatic systems (lymphadenopathy); 
  8. malignant a
  9. lactation period (breastfeeding); 
  10. migraines, dizziness, regular headaches; 
  11. diseases of the cardiovascular system; 
  12. diseases of the kidneys, bladder; 
  13. diabetes; 
  14. period of menstruation; 
  15. viral, infectious diseases.

Types of body lymphomassage 

Manual lymphatic drainage massage. The technique involves manual manipulation of the master. During the procedure, the nervous system relaxes as much as possible, excess fluid leaves the body, lymph circulation improves, pores are cleared. The manual method is the least painful, many patients fall into restful sleep during the massage.

Hardware lymphatic massage is divided into several types:

  • pressotherapy - the impact of compressed air flow on individual parts of the body. Most often used for weight loss, reducing the volume of arms, legs, hips. Pressotherapy requires specialized equipment;
  • microcurrent drainage - the impact of a low power impulse current on problem areas. In the process of carrying out, the stagnant liquid is dispersed throughout the body;
  • vacuum massage is similar to anti-cellulite. It provides the using of special nozzles (similar to medical banks), which, due to the pressure drop, eliminate swelling.

Manual lymphatic drainage (hemolymphatic drainage massage) is a special type of massage that can be combined with elements of stone therapy (stone treatment).

Hemolymphatic drainage has a direct effect on lymph drainage, interstitial fluid and the venous system. It is recommended to carry out with an inactive lifestyle, sedentary work.

What is the use of lymphatic drainage massage from the aesthetics side?

  • smooths the skin surface, reduces the appearance of cellulite;
  • increases the tone of the epidermis;
  • stimulates the process of losing weight in the arms, legs, waist;
  • tightens the belly after childbirth;
  • lymphatic drainage facial massage removes puffiness, pouches under the eyes, makes the face fresher and makes skin more elastic.

Are you in a hurry to get your body in shape because ahead is a vacation on the Cote d'Azur? Lymphomassage for weight loss is what you need!

Lymphatic body massage can be done at home.

We have some pieces of advice for you:

  1. use a dry natural bristle brush;
  2. do a massage before taking a shower or bath;
  3. do a massage in a circular motion from the bottom up (towards the movement of lymph);

There is no need to roughly rub the skin - the sensations should be pleasant.

Body lymphatic massage is a great way not only to restore physical abilities and strength, but also to get a portion of relaxation. Relaxation of the nervous system, removal of mental stress, restoration of the psycho-emotional state is a pleasant bonus from the procedure.

If you are in a stressful environment for a long time, work a lot, lead an too active lifestyle - in addition to lymphomassage, you can discover Ayurvedic head massage. Head massage improves the quality of sleep, relieves depression, helps the mind to calm down, eliminates headaches.

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