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Massage in case of stress and anxiety: how does it work?


Anxiety, anxiety disorders, and stress – these are the feelings that Ukrainians have been experiencing lately. No panacea can quickly eliminate such problems. However, some methods can help you feel better and reduce your cortisol levels. Acupressure for stress is an excellent addition to the basic treatment methods.

Bad news, problems at work or in your private life, fatigue, insomnia - this is not a complete list of the reasons and manifestations of stress. According to the research, 80% of all diseases arise precisely because of constant stress, so this condition should not be ignored.

Stressful situations have a bad effect not only on the emotional, but also on the physical state as well, causing:

  • frequent headaches;
  • drowsiness;
  • back pain and pain in the neck;
  • problems with appetite - lack of it or extreme food consumption;
  • involuntary muscle tension;
  • slowdown of the blood circulation in the vessels;
  • increased heart rate and breathing disorders.

When a person experiences anxiety, his endocrine system begins to actively secrete cortisol – a stress hormone. This worsens a person’s well-being, causes psychological and emotional stress, and problems with sleep. Outbursts of anger lead to a deterioration in relationships with loved ones and colleagues, a person loses the ability to work fully and communicate with others, becomes more distracted, inattentive, and gets tired quickly.

Anxiety disorders can lead to the development of more dangerous mental illnesses. It is important to pay attention to combating such problems, including the use of such a method as anti-stress massage. If you contact professionals, for example, the Royal Thai Spa salons, such methods can heal not only the body, but the soul as well.

How does anti-stress massage work?

Taking into account the fact that this is a response of the human body to many unfavorable factors, the main task of anti-stress massage is to reduce cortisol production. It has already been scientifically proven that this type of therapy prevents the adrenaline and norepinephrine production, while simultaneously increasing the generation of dopamine and serotonin, so-called happiness hormones. The last ones balance the mental state and after a session of acupressure anti-stress massage, a person becomes more productive and attentive. Also, such methods affect the amount of endorphins that relax the body.

This is far from a complete description of how massage helps to relieve stress. Such services also have a positive effect on:

  1. Nervous system. While a quick massage can tone muscles, a longer deep tissue massage is aimed at combating stress. If the result in the form of relaxation and calm is important to you, you should sign up for at least a one-hour massage session for insomnia, stress and neurosis, and it is better if it is for the whole body.
  2. Physical state. Stress and massage affect muscle tension differently. The first one constricts the body, while the second one relaxes it. Anxiety manifests itself physically as well - neck clamps, diaphragm tension. A professional massage therapist quickly works on problem areas, improving blood circulation and restoring the oxygen level, due to which headaches, insomnia and fatigue go away
  3. Metabolism. In this regard, massage and stress also work differently. Cortisol affects the metabolism, accelerates the glucose production, destroys proteins, which are important for the body. A high-quality session with a massage therapist increases metabolism and promotes the production of such important proteins as histamine and acetylcholine. The latter are responsible for tissue blood supply and other important physiological processes.
  4. Immunity. Stressful situations have a bad influence on the body defense system, so making the body weaker against viruses and bacteria. A massage session increases the number of lymphocytes in the blood, and also reduces the level of cytokines, due to which inflammatory processes develop

Thus, even one session of professional massage can affect a person's emotional and physical state greatly. In combination with other therapeutic methods, such services can become a fairly effective tool for combating stress. At the same time, it is important to contact exclusively professionals who know how to work out the whole body properly: from the feet to the head.

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