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Is massage useful for pressure decrease


Most people today suffer from such a common disease of the cardiovascular system as hypertension. The disease is manifested by an increase in blood pressure above 130 mm hg. Among the reasons that can increase blood pressure are stress, bad habits, excess weight, the concomitant diseases, etc. Hypertensive patients are often interested in whether it is possible to take a course of massage if they have high blood pressure or, for example, to visit a sauna with hypertension.

Hypertensive manifestations are mainly treated with medication, but along with this, an effective component of complex therapy is massage for high blood pressure. The procedure has a relaxing and calming effect on a person, as a result of which the pressure begins to decrease. In addition, you can not only reduce the pressure with massage, but also strengthen the body.

Massage when you have high pressure: benefits and contraindications

What is the danger of the disease? Hypertension is insidious and, in most cases, can be asymptomatic. The risk group most often includes people with a sedentary lifestyle, mainly older people. However, it happens that children and adolescents have hypertension.

The main symptoms of the disease:

  • frequent headache and dizziness;

  • feeling weak;

  • loss of consciousness;

  • hyperhidrosis;

  • arrhythmia;

  • increased blood filling (redness of the skin on the face);

  • tinnitus, etc.

Massage when you have high pressure is the best help in the early stages of hypertension, which helps prevent the development of serious complications. Also, the right approach in the treatment of the disease is important: a combination of work and rest, sports, diet, self-massage and, of course, massage to lower blood pressure.

Each technique has its own contraindications. So, massage when you have high blood pressure should never be done if you have a hypertensive crisis, oncology, active tuberculosis, venereal diseases. At the 3rd stage of hypertension, the answer to the question whether it is possible to do massage when you have high pressure will be unequivocally negative.

Massage and High Blood Pressure: Technique of Performing

Only an experienced specialist knows how to lower the pressure with a massage. During the procedure, the masseur finds an individual approach to each person, since the patient who came to have the massage to lower pressure and improve their condition as a whole may be stressed, irritated due to the slightest touch.

Before starting a massage session to lower high pressure, first of all it is necessary to take the pressure, since the time of the procedure, which is divided into the following types, will depend on this:

  1. Massage to lower the pressure of the collar area. The session begins with stroking. It is important to know that this part of the body should be massaged by a specialist several times more gently than the rest.

  2. Paravertebral massaging, which implies working out the area along the spine.

  3. Massage of the upper arms area.

The concept of pressure and massage is delicate, because only with proper and regular spot procedure can hypertension be prevented and its manifestation reduced. In the process of acupressure, the masseur affects certain bioactive points with their fingers.

In each of the cases, a positive massage effect will definitely be achieved. The procedure is designed to stimulate the nerve endings located in the skin and transmit impulses to the reflexogenic zones, which as a result, leads to a decrease in blood pressure.

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