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Breast Baby Head Massage: Technique, Utility


A baby’s head massage requires a competent approach. Parents can do it at home after consultation with the attending physician. However, it is better to go to experienced experts to ensure the massage’s efficiency and complete safety for the baby.

Head massage can be curative or cosmetic. The first type is critical to treat such diseases as cranking. At the same time, the second one helps correct external defects.

The baby’s head massage is relevant when the kid has a fully formed skull, approximately at the age of 3 months. The procedure benefits:

  • Blood supply improves.
  • Immunity strengthens.
  • The flow of lymph normalizes.
  • The head muscles at hypertension relax.
  • Brain performance improves.

Besides, the baby’s head massage contributes to the nervous system’s calming, a better perception of the surrounding reality. It is critical for premature babies and those born on time. The massage controls birth injuries or reduces their impact. It accelerates the baby’s development when they lack physical strength or have low weight gain. It is also useful with herbal sacks (the experts will tell you more about them).

Highlights of Head Massage for Newborn and Older Children

Breast babies heads’ massage is one of the simplest ways to improve their health. However, a specialist should take utmost care during the procedure, considering the pulsating points (fontanels). Infants need to stroke their heads with the adults’ hands for treatment. You use your finger pads to massage older children’s heads in a spiral or circle.

As soon as the hair grows, you can sip it from the roots in small strands. Nevertheless, the procedure should be painless; that’s why do it gently and carefully. You can use a comb to massage the kid’s head at home.

Pats on the head enhances the bond between parents and their baby if people do it carefully. Otherwise, they can injure the child, and the problem will exacerbate. If you are not sure of your skills, please contact a specialist. The experienced masters know what they should or shouldn't do during the newborn's head massage and regulate the skin's pressure.

Baby Head Massage: Preparation for Procedure

You can proceed at any time, depending on the baby’s sleep and waking modes. The premises should be well cleaned and ventilated, having a temperature of no less than 200C. The same conditions are necessary during the head oil massage.

The surface where the child lay should not be either too rigid or soft. Put the diaper under the baby’s back. You can offer toys or play relaxing music to relax the kid. 

The newborn’s head massage should last a maximum of 20 minutes, and the first sessions cannot exceed 10 minutes. If you plan to massage on your own, look through the relevant videos first to understand the technique and ensure correct movements to avoid injuries.

As a rule, children like massages. If the baby is anxious and moody during the procedure, it is better to stop. Postpone the massage the next day to prevent the baby’s adverse reaction. In malaise (fever or acute stages of infectious diseases), don’t carry out the procedure. A doctor’s consultation is crucial before resuming.

Infant Child Head Massage: Procedure Techniques

It is necessary to follow the right methods to massage the child’s head correctly. The basic techniques:

  • The massage starts from a light, round stroke. Support the head with one hand and maintain it with another hand. The pats come from the temple to the back of the head, and then you should go to the parietal and occipital parts. 
  • Make your fingers spread wide and press slightly on the side of the head to allow the baby to get used to the process. 
  • Make slight circular movements to massage the back of the head gradually towards the ears. Then move to the parietal.
  • Massage the baby’s ears with thumbs and forefingers. Movements start from the earlobe and go to the top.
  • After the pat, a slight head massage with the fingers’ pads begins. This technique features a relaxing and soothing effect.

A comb massage is a final stage. Here, the fingers play the role of a comb. Movements must be gentle, comfortable, and calm. You can move smoothly to the neck after a head massage.

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