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How does a salt scalp massage help to restore hair?


If after brushing on the brush there remain tufts of hair, it is the highest time to rectify the situation. Do not rush to sign up for building - the problem needs to be solved from the inside. The loss of hair can be caused by a number of factors. The main one is poor skin condition.

Hair Loss Causes

Dull and brittle hair prone to shedding is a consequence of poor blood circulation in the scalp. This state occurs when there is insufficient care or a lack of vitamins which may be due to illness or pregnancy.

The fixing of the problem is ​​simple. In most cases, normalization of nutrition and head massage will help. You can do this yourself. Expectant mothers would need a doctor's consultation and a special vacuum massage during pregnancy for the cervical area.

Salt scalp massage: cleansing and improving skin nutrition

The salt massage technique has a double benefit. First, it works like a scrub, removing dead skin cells. Secondly, fine sea salt stimulates blood micro circulation in the dermis.

The effect of the procedure is similar to that of a buccal facial massage: it triggers skin’s self-healing. The same thing happens with head scrubbing. The skin is irritated, causing a rush of blood, improving the nutrition of the hair follicles. In addition, salt particles remove dead cells of the epithelium making it easier for air to reach the dermis, as a result, hair growth is accelerated.

Execution technique

The procedure for salt head massage is simple; it does not require the use of special devices and means. All you need is a soft towel, warm water and some salt. For scrubbing at home, it is preferable to use sea salt but ordinary finely ground salt is also suitable.

It is important to follow the correct sequence of actions:

  1. Dampen clean hair well. Remove excess moisture by lightly dabbing with a towel.
  2. Spread on the scalp of the head scrubbing product with a thin evenly distributed layer focusing on the area of the roots. But do not massage strands in length with salt.
  3. Use the fingers of both hands to massage gently for a few minutes.
  4. Wash your hair under warm running water.

If you think that the procedure made the hair dry, use a moisturizing balm. Next time, you will need to do a massage using a special exfoliating mask with a nourishing effect.

Products based on salt

Different masks may be helpful depending on the type of scalp. For instance, for dry - with egg yolk or sour cream, and for fatty - with kefir.

Finely ground salt is mixed with the selected product until the consistency of thick sour cream. Home remedies are used as a regular scrub or mask. In the last case, the head is wrapped in a plastic wrap and then in a terry towel. After 20 minutes, rinse the scalp thoroughly with warm water.


Salt scalp massage is a great way to restore hair. Carrying out the procedure weekly for a month will bring the expected results.

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