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Is Legs Massage Acceptable in Varicose Vein


Do your feet hurt a lot in walking and swell up by day's end? If yes, this is a symptom of so-called varicose, one of the cerebrovascular illnesses. Its symptoms are getting increasingly noticeable over time and can make life difficult in its advanced stage. Venous diseases are also annoying because legs take on an unattractive exterior hat is particularly frustrating for women.

It’s challenging to cure disease. Besides, complex and long-term treatment is necessary. Legs massage in varicose veins will help a lot.

As such, massage therapy in varicose veins makes sense only at an early stage of disease development. If swollen vascular is visible, not to mention trophic ulcers, massage is useless and even contraindicated. 

Massage cannot in itself fix veins but contributes to their strengthening allows getting blood to flow. 

So, proper treatment includes the following components:

  • Manual procedures.
  • Wearing of compressive underclothes.
  • Special exercising.
  • Medicine therapy.

It’s crucial to see a doctor before receiving treatment to get a medical report on the feasibility of a legs massage in varicose veins. 

Which Massage Is Acceptable in Varicose Veins?

Various types of massages affect differently on the patient’s health. It’s crucial to consider the relationship of chronic disease and characteristics of an organism to causes of varicose veins. For example, there is a close link between cellulite and varicose. In this case, it makes sense to combine foot message with the set of anti-cellulite procedures, including massage to remove the fat from the belly. Anti-cellulite treatment often helps ease veins’ condition as they increase blood flow and lymph outflow. Besides, many additional results are evident:

  • Blood supply to the skin increases and makes it healthier.
  • The fat tissue breaks down.
  • Blood flow speeds up in the vascular.

Fat removal allows losing weight and reducing strain on legs that contribute extensively to their health.

When and Why Is Massage Not Acceptable in Varicose Veins? 

Like many other treatments, massage in varicose veins has contraindications:

  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • Cancer
  • Acute inflammations
  • Thrombophlebitis

Massage features in varicose veins should consider possible chronic diseases of bones and joints. 

Which Other Massage Techniques Are Helpful in Varicose Veins?

Apart from anti-cellulite procedures, other types of manual therapies are relevant:

  • Lymphatic drainage massage reduces hypostasis and increases veins’ elasticity. 
  • Manual vacuum massage is suitable for disease prevention and needs a doctor's appointment.
  • Honey treatment is efficient in the early stages only.
  • Hydro-massage is helpful to increase blood flow and strengthen vascular. 
  • Thai massage is appropriate as a preventive measure.

In any case, the choice of technique is possible only after consulting experts.

Legs Massage in Varicose Veins at Home

Sick blood vessels require special attention. It’s crucial to be careful during self-medication. If you still don’t know how to massage lags in varicose veins, follow the rules: 

  • All motions should be smooth.
  • Heavy pressure on the skin is inappropriate
  • It’s necessary to avoid massaging areas riddled with phlebitis.
  • It’s better to move carefully from feet to hips. 

In any case, self-treatment will be not so efficient as procedures subscribed by experts. That’s why doctor's appointment will be the best solution and provide appropriate options for treatment.

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