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Is it allowed to do massage when the back hurts


Recently, massage for back pain is very popular, people are interested in its benefits or harm, the conditions of performing. This problem is widespread not only among the elderly but also among young people. Among the common complaints are noted pain in the lower back and cervical department accompanied by headaches, fatigue, dizziness and other ailments. The overwhelming majority of people do not know whether it is allowed to do massage if the back hurts.

The causes of pain in the back can be:

  • sedentary work;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • diseases of the nervous system and spine;
  • various types of injuries - postpartum, sports and so on. 

You can get yourself back pain very quickly. After sitting at the computer, you can get painful conditions in a matter of a month because, involved in the complete absence of physical stress, the same muscle group is loaded. In addition, you can add a provoking factor (stress, hypothermia, severe overload, etc.), and the pathology will appear immediately. In this case, massage for back pain will be an effective way to normalize a person's state of health.

What is a massage for back pain?

Massage is relaxing and curative. Oriental massage techniques have gained particular popularity allowing having a comprehensive effect on the body.

The answer to the question: "Is it allowed to do massage for back pain?" is evident as experienced masseurs at the Royal Thai Spa beauty-center will help to dive into the enchanting atmosphere of SPA-procedures. Massaging the body helps to relieve unnecessary stress, stiffness, fatigue and heaviness.

A relaxing massage for a sore back helps to relieve muscle spasms. The curative procedure also affects the musculoskeletal system. However, any manipulation should be entrusted only to a qualified specialist.

Types of curative massage

A massage when the back hurts is the best help to improve the state of health. Among the variety of procedures, the following types of curative body massage are distinguished:

  • classic - the most popular one. With its help, different muscle groups are worked out;
  • acupressure massage for back pain (also called acupuncture) - affects the bioactive points of certain organs;
  • hardware - helps to relieve muscle spasms and relax;
  • hydromassage of the back - relieves the pain and fatigue due to the relaxation of muscles with a powerful jet of water;
  • vacuum - favors the improvement of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage with the help of special cans;
  • sports and warming back massage for pain - will result in muscle tone up before exercise and help them to relax afterward which will lead to lowering the risk of injuries and illnesses while practicing various sports.

A back massage for pain is not a treatment but only a number of procedures aimed at reducing pain at various pathologies of the lumbar department. To forget about the pain once and for all, you need an integrated approach.

A massage against back pain: when to do the procedure

A back pain massage has a mechanical impact on the number of muscles, thereby helping to relieve the pain. Thanks to the procedures, an improvement of health, increased efficiency, removal of excess tone from the muscular-ligamentous corset of the spine, production of biologically active substances, tissue hormones, acceleration of metabolism process are noted. As a result, you get not only a less vulnerable spine but also a correct and beautiful posture.

If you are feeling pain in the spine, tightness in the back, constant fatigue and apathy, these are clear indications for massage for a sore back. Do not hesitate, immediately make an appointment with a specialist. The friendly staff of the Royal Thai Spa will select the most convenient time for procedures.

Massage if the back hurts is an excellent prevention against pain syndrome. It is also required during postoperative and post-traumatic recovery.

A massage will especially help to alleviate back pain in osteochondrosis that has a direct impact on the tendons, soft tissues of the lumbar and cervical departments which leads to better blood circulation, relief of the pain, strengthening the muscular system, and so on.

A massage for reducing back pain is a non-invasive method of alleviating pain without the side effects. In addition, by massaging with special hardware it is possible not only to tidy up the whole body but also to achieve a beautiful and fit shape. But will be discussed in another article what is a vacuum roller massage.

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