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Brush Massage against Cellulite – Beautiful Body All the Year Round


Massage is just a word. Still, it provides so many positive emotions! Apart from the spiritual effect, the procedure influences our bodies physically and cosmetically. The Royal Thai Spa beauty center offers delve into a charming Thai massage atmosphere and have a good time. 

The experienced specialists help you relax, remove fatigue, stress. Your skin will be smooth, silky, and healthy after massage. It will also help stabilize the work of internal organs and improve cerebral activity.

Most women know firsthand that dry-brush massage creates a drainage effect. In this way, it provides good blood flow to problematic areas, facilitating fat cells' splitting. The dry-brushing technique is one of the most efficient methods in the struggles against “orange peel.” The opportunity to cope with everything at home is the procedure’s greatest advantage.

How to make Dry Brushing Properly

According to expert recommendations, it’s better to do a body massage with a brush while standing in the bath. It will help to remove more dead cells. What time is suitable for dry brushing? It’s crucial to conduct the procedure before taking a shower, when the skin is completely dry. 

Besides, it’s critical to choose the properly designed brush made of natural materials: plant-based bristle plus wooden base.

How to Massage with the Brush?

Anti-Cellulite dry brushing massage starts from feet, moving continuously upwards. It necessary to rub each area nearly ten times. Consider massaging the knee area in a circular motion. The dry brushing massage for weight loss is not allowed under the knees. Then, you should massage the hips, buttocks, and belly. The technique is the same, meaning gentle motion clockwise.

The result will be forthcoming since the baby-smooth skin is the women’s dream that may come true. The simple scheme of dry brushing massage is a great help in blood flow improvement and removing swelling. Any person feels an incredible rush of power after this massage.

Brush for Dry Massage – How to Use It, and Does It Help?

Dry brushing is in high demand in the beauty industry. Since recently, many Insta divas try to improve their appearances and share methods on social media platforms. Real feedback can confirm efficiency and inspire to test it. The result is close to the vacuum roller procedure on the dedicated equipment. LGP massage is a perfect alternative to anti-cellulite home-based procedure. 

It’s necessary to massage the lower body with long and straight passes while the upper body needs circular movements. Dry massage with a brush – is a regular system that contains several sessions per week.

Dry Brushing Massage and Scrub

After dry brushing, it is desirable to take a shower (preferably contrasting) to wash off the exfoliated particles. It’s also possible to make a dry massage, using scrub. Scrubbing is an important stage in the body care system. It helps clean the skin from dead cells and make it more elastic. Dry brushing scrubbing is not recommended in summer because the skin is vulnerable to UV. 

Beauty Procedure in the Cozy Surroundings Based on the Asian Charm

Dry brushing massage features tons of benefits. For example, it saves time, which we really lack in the chaos of the day. Would you like to rest from routine and delve into the charming atmosphere of Thai SPA? The Royal Thai Spa beauty parlor will help you for sure. The real experts know how to massage with a dry brush. They help you rest and relax, remove stressful thoughts, and enjoy a nice time.

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