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Qigong massage - what is it: mysteries of oriental beauty and health


Almost all non-traditional Chinese medicine includes a complex of manipulations aimed at restoring the body's energy flow which contributes to the physical recovery of a person.

The term Qigong massage implies working with energy. The name of the healing process is in perfect harmony with the essence of the method which is widely used for preventive purposes. The main difference between this type of massage and the classic European one is the beginning of the session. So, the procedure begins with the removal of energy blocks which are mainly formed in the spine, joints, and head. There is another technique - traditional Balinese massage: what it is, you can find out from another article.

Qigong massage is an ancient and meaningful part of the Chinese medical system that includes acupuncture in combination with massaging movements directed from the center to the periphery of the body.

Qigong massage: performance technique

Qigong Chinese massage is a whole science that studies a person's aura, his or her potential and capabilities. During the session, not a massage of a specific organ is performed, for example, foot treatment but the healing of the whole organism through energy flows.

Qigong massage includes light stroking, rubbing, and patting during which the patient receives Qi energy that normalizes the natural balance of the body. The exercises are accompanied by pleasant relaxing music. Massage movements start from the head and are smoothly distributed throughout the body. An important point in Chinese gymnastics exercises is the absence of contraindications.

According to ancient Chinese practice, self-massage of the face is especially effective. A simple and beneficial Qigong facial massage will help to keep your skin smooth and beautiful for a long time.

Benefits of energetic massage

Perhaps modern Europeans will find such a philosophy naive, but those who have personally experienced the magical phenomenon of recuperation after Qigong therapy note the clear advantages of the procedure:

  • changes in the state of blood vessels and joints;
  • improvement of the function of internal organs;
  • prevention of chronic diseases;
  • relieving of stressful conditions;
  • the possibility of relaxation, etc.

Qigong facial massage helps to improve the epidermis, leads to increased blood circulation, normalization of metabolism and even helps to lose extra pounds.

Along with Qigong procedures, other manual techniques stand out. How is Kobido facial massage useful? This procedure allows you to maintain incredible smoothness and elasticity of the skin.

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