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Myofascial massage - what is it and why it is neede


Myofascial massage is becoming one of the most popular services in massage and beauty salons. It provides a more effective impact on problem areas allowing you to achieve a faster result while this technique reduces the pain threshold making the procedure comfortable and pleasant for the patient.

The specialist who performs myofascial back massage or other body parts also works on the tendons to reduce muscle tone and reduce pain sensations.

Myofascial roller massage will allow you to achieve quick relaxation. It is often used to support facial skin to counteract the aging process and visible age-related changes.

Correct myofascial massage - performance technique

In fact, myofascial massage is a kind of conventional massage. The difference lies in the fact that the classic muscle stimulation is complemented by the manual release method. Myofascial body massage is performed with fewer strokes while the rubbing is deeper, with a careful study of not only the skin but also the muscle tissue.

Correct myofascial massage is able to stimulate the deep tissues of the dermis. Gaps between the muscles, otherwise called fascia, are worked out.

Fasciae are kinds of connecting elements located between muscle fibers. They are responsible for the condition of the dermis. The health and quality of the skin, youthfulness of the face and body depends on their condition. In the case of muscle clamps, accompanied by deformation of the fascia, creases appear. They are also the reason for the premature appearance of wrinkles. Massage will help to cope with myofascial syndrome. It will relieve stagnant processes and reduce the tension of the fascia. As a result, they will acquire the lacking flexibility, their tone will be restored. After the massage, the load will be distributed not on individual clamping points but over the entire skin. Mild and pleasant pain will be a sign that the procedure is being carried out correctly.

How often face and lower back myofascial massage is performed

Professional myofascial massage for trigger treatment requires regular visits to specialists. In this case, the positive effect will be noticeable almost immediately. After several treatments:

  • the wrinkling of the skin will noticeably decrease;
  • the skin will regain its former elasticity and healthy appearance;
  • a blush appears on the face.

The optimal age of the patient is 25-30 years. In some cases, one-time procedures may be sufficient. For older people, a course of 10 sessions will be required. Depending on the condition of the skin and muscle tone, the specialist may recommend an increase in the number of treatments.

If myofascial trigger massage is performed to eliminate spasms in muscles and fascia, the pain created by these zones can be eliminated during one session. It shows the greatest efficiency when combined with the myostimulation procedure. What is myostimulation: harm and benefit? With its help, it is possible to achieve an improvement in muscle tone and pay attention to muscles that cannot be worked out in the usual way.

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