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Mioplastichesky facial massage as an alternative to surgery or injections Beauty


If you need to restore the face contour and the skin's elasticity, you can do it through a popular and effective procedure - myoplastic facial massage. The effects that were previously impossible without the help of a surgeon or injections have now become a reality, thanks to Eugene Sedyckin’s unique methodology. It consists of the deep layers of facial, neck, and cleavage skin development, from epidermis to connective and muscular tissue. The procedure results in myofascial stress reduction, improved blood and oxygen supply, softening of compacted tissues, activation of the regeneration process, and release of toxins. Nevertheless, the main thing is the tone of the muscles, fascia, and tendons. Simply put, it comes to rejuvenation of the skin, smoothing of wrinkles.

The result of plastic massage is immediately visible: the swelling decreases, the face acquires a tone, and a more fresh appearance. After these procedures, the effect is stable from three to 8 months, depending on the lifestyle.

When Should You Apply for Myoplastic Facial Massage?

This chiroplastic technique removes not only the primary signs of aging but also persistent ones. This procedure will be particularly relevant for people who have the following issues:

  • Increased swelling.
  • Sagging cheeksю.
  • Double chin.
  • General muscle weakness, dermis flailing,
  • Bags and wrinkles around eyes. 
  • Deep nasolabial folds.

A course of approximately 10-15 sessions recommended twice a year will typically be required to achieve the desired result. That myoplastic facial massage doesn’t hurt the capillary net at all; it’s painless. Many people successfully combine a procedure with a facial honey massage. 


You should abandon the massage if you have the following health problems or temporary issues:

  • Oncology.
  • Blood and lymphatic system diseases.
  • Injection of Botox, fillers, hyaluronic acid (if less than a year has passed).
  • SARS and fever.
  • Descemetoceles.
  • Any skin diseases.
  • Neuritis.
  • Hypotonic.
  • Numerous moles, papilloma, and other similar issues.
  • Chronic diseases in the acute phase.
  • Nose/eye surgery and any facelift made less than three months ago.

Note that there are no contraindications for pregnant women. 

Features of Myoplastic

The procedure begins with skin cleansing. Then lymph drainage, external and internal muscle massages are performed, then everything is repeated. An alginate mask is applied to calm the skin.

In the modern world, myoplastic facial massage has become much more popular than surgery since it has no side effects. Today, this method of soft tissue age changes correction an effective way of post-traumatic rehabilitation. 

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