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Pulsing massage - what it is in fact


This technique, also called holistic massage, is a special procedure developed by professional osteopathic massage therapist Tovi Browning. It brings together Eastern practices and Western research in psychology. The essence of the method lies in the fact that a person is an integral system in which the emotional background, energy, harmony of body and soul are of equal importance.

Holistic massage is not a standard procedure used to work out joints and muscles but rather a method to make the body healthier and more harmonious. It does not use the standard techniques and techniques of massage therapists, rubbing, stroking or kneading, in particular, are not used. All actions are performed with an open palm while the patient does not even need to take off his clothes.

The massage therapist touches the client and shakes him moving along the legs, rising up to work with the arms, head, and shoulders. The massage therapist sets a certain rhythm adjusting his breathing to it thereby enhancing the relaxing effect. The duration of the session is usually 15-20 minutes for children and 40-50 minutes for adults.

The main technique is pulsation thanks to which the therapeutic effect is achieved.

Holistic massage - what does it give to the patient

Holistic pulsing involves the elimination of muscle clamps and blockages which are often the cause of suppression of unexpressed emotions that can take away some of the life energy. The soft pulsating effect will allow you to remove body clamps, release negative emotions: fears, childhood grievances, and old memories. By performing special swaying, the pulsing massage therapist will calm the patient down, bringing him to a state of relaxation. The latter will plunge into serenity due to the fact that the rhythm of the pulsations will correspond to the pulse of the baby in the womb. Such immersion in past states contributes to the fact that the body relaxes while remembering the former being in an embryonic form.

Pulsating body massage is often used in psychotherapy. Using reflexology techniques, it is possible to work with different conditions of the patient by applying psychosomatic practices to eliminate problems such as:

  • treatment of cerebral palsy and other similar diseases;
  • preparation of pregnant women for the upcoming birth; 
  • restoration of mobility and flexibility of joints, tissues in the elderly; 
  • rehabilitation after a stroke or heart attack; 
  • elimination of emotional disorders; 
  • treatment of depression; 
  • rehabilitation after physical, sexual or psychological abuse; 
  • exit from the post-traumatic state. 

Pulsing - what is it? At the household level, it can be used as a relaxing technique. This is a fairly simple technique that almost everyone can master. This type of massage will allow you to feel a surge of joy, help in resolving psychological and everyday situations. It will be perfectly complemented by another massage - Kobido. How is Kobido facial massage useful? It is also created on the basis of oriental teachings and practices in order to help to restore vital energy.

It should be taken into account that pulsing may have contraindications:

  • painful condition of the body (fever, high temperature); 
  • skin and oncological diseases; 
  • active inflammatory processes;
  • tendency to form blood clots; 
  • mental illness;
  • pronounced psychomotor agitation.

If you need to achieve a good effect, you should visit the pulsing center, since only experienced specialists can ensure the correct effect on the human body.

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