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Is a sauna useful when you have hypertension


People's blood pressure can periodically rise and fall within the normal range. But today, most of the population suffers from one of the most common diseases — hypertension. According to statistics, almost every third person on the planet faces this ailment. Hypertension is a disease accompanied by an increase in blood pressure (more than 130 mm Hg). As a result, general well-being worsens, there is a change in the work of internal organs, etc.

Hypertensive patients often wonder whether it is possible to visit the steam room, whether the procedure will harm their health when the disease is progressive. And some may not even know about their high blood pressure and visit steam rooms, saunas for weight loss, accompanied by high temperatures.

Sauna and Hypertension: Benefit or Harm

Opinions on whether it is possible to visit steam rooms when you have a hypertension are different. Does the sauna increase or decrease the pressure? Most doctors do not recommend visiting the saunas precisely because high temperature promotes vasodilation, and with cardiovascular diseases, capillaries become thinner, brittle, and are not able to widen fully. Therefore, doctors advise to avoid procedures with a high load on them.

However, if the disease is detected at an early stage, infrequent sauna visits when you have high blood pressure will only benefit. Moreover, if arterial hypertension has a genetic predisposition, when combining a steam room with a contrast shower, the risk of its occurrence can be reduced.

The temperature difference will lead to a change in the tone of the vessels, which will allow their walls to get nutrition in full, preventing the occurrence of hypertension and atherosclerosis. Thus, hypertension and sauna will become friendly concepts.

High Pressure and Sauna: When One Can Visit It

There are the following rules for visiting a steam room for hypertensive patients:

  1. Warm up the muscles. You can do this with the help of intensive exercising or visit a masseur to lower pressure.

  2. To adapt the body to the coming stress - an increase in temperature. To do this, it's worth sitting in the heating room for a while.

  3. Do not overeat before visiting the steam room and exclude the use of alcohol, which contributes to an increase in blood pressure.

Thus, it is possible to use a steam room in the SPA for people prone to hypertension if you follow the above recommendations, with the exception of poor health.

Sauna and Blood Pressure: When Is It Better to Abandon the Procedure

In the sauna, you can not only relax but also improve the body, strengthen the immune system. But in some cases, the procedure should be abandoned. For example, if you feel a headache, there are signs of coordination disorders, acute respiratory infections, skin rashes (with the exception of acne), exacerbation of chronic diseases, etc. Pregnant women should consult with the attending doctor before visiting the sauna.

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