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Benefits of traditional Thai massage

Benefits of traditional Thai massage


Thai massage is a reunion of benefits and pleasures, aimed at improving the elasticity of tendons and muscle fibers, relaxing the body as a whole. Combines three separate techniques: manual therapy with yoga elements, linear massage and deep massage of muscle-tendon meridians. Often Thai massage is called “yoga massage”. In the process, the work of internal organs is normalized, the voltage from the musculoskeletal system is reduced, the cardiovascular system is activated.

Today, the theme of wellness massage stands out as relevant according to ancient Thai techniques. The pandemic negatively affected the health of the world's population. The number of complaints about the general condition has increased. Decreased activity, anxiety, vitamin deficiency, frequent colds, which are similar in symptoms to coronavirus. The reason is weakened immunity. Conscious people do not sit idly by, looking for ways to strengthen their defenses. They resort to a healthy diet, physical exertion, hardening, massage.

Traditional Thai massage strengthens the immune system. Due to the activation of blood circulation, toxins are removed, the tone of blood vessels and capillaries increases, the risk of thrombosis and cardiovascular diseases are reduce. Recent scientific studies have confirmed the positive effects of yoga massage on lung ventilation, lung tissue repair due to increased blood supply to the pulmonary arteries and blood vessels.

The modern world is full of information. Social networks, television, radio, news blogs and publics. The human brain does not have time to "digest" the endless stream, which provokes constant stressful conditions. As a result, we feel chronic fatigue, nervous tension and have reduced immunity.

Thai massage helps to relax, restores defenses and improves brain activity.

During the session, stimulation of acupuncture points occurs, which are located on energy lines along the plane of the body. Removing clamps and blocks in separate areas helps vital energy flow freely, thereby increasing vibration levels. The higher vibration, the stronger immunity. High vibrations are born from positive emotions - joy, love, gratitude, acceptance, compassion.

Traditional Thai massage neutralizes the negative through immersion in heavenly pleasure and enjoyment.

The sensual hands of a skilled master help to improve mental state. The body goes through several stages of rejuvenation and purification, it becomes more resistant to colds, viruses, and infections.

A pleasant bonus after several sessions is weight loss, which occurs due to the removal of excess fluid, improve lymph flow, warming up the muscles.

To summarize. Why traditional Thai massage can be confidently called an effective method of protection against coronavirus:

  • improves the functioning of internal organs;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • favorably affects the functioning of the respiratory system;
  • removes toxins;
  • relieves nervous tension;
  • strengthens the cardiovascular system;
  • eliminates muscle blocks and clamps;
  • favorably affects the psychoemotional background (improves sleep quality, improves mood and stress resistance).

Traditional Thai massages are available daily.

Give the body a stream of pleasure and healing.

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