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Reflexology in Thai Massage: Points and Techniques


Massage is treated as one of the oldest therapy methods used in different world cultures. This is a popular procedure that is used not only for relaxation, but also to reduce pain and improve overall well-being. Today, the most famous and widely used is Thai massage. It appeared more than 2 thousand years ago, when the personal physician of Buddha replaced all modern medicine with body massage, and these practices and the beneficial effects of Thai massage have survived till now.

The Thai massage system is based on traditional Thai medicine. It includes various types of techniques, including stretching, pressing, massaging and manipulation. The positive results that are observed during the first sessions include the following:

  • deep relaxation;
  • heart and vascular system functioning improvement;
  • release from tension;
  • improved sleep;
  • dulling of pain of various etiologies;
  • muscle tension reduction.

SPA therapy, as part of a healthy lifestyle, stimulates the increase of activity and relaxation levels. Massaging consists of different techniques including stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibration and thrusting.

Reflexotherapy: what is it

Classical Thai reflexotherapy is a whole system of manipulations that have a beneficial effect on the human body. This massage type is based on stimulating thousands of nerve endings on the feet, palms, ears and close to the scalp. All these reflex zones correspond to certain organs and body systems. During the session, areas of the body are effectively stimulated and the potential for self-healing is released.

Reflexotherapy in Kyiv is carried out in one of the best centers - Royal Thai Spa. One of the most convenient ways to sign up for the procedure is offered. Working with the meridians of the face and some areas of the head, a specialist will be able to diagnose the presence of problems, weaknesses in one of the body parts, organs and glands. During the session, the massage therapist uses acupuncture techniques to stimulate the bone apparatus, muscles, and energy zones.

An indispensable remedy for stress or depression is reflexotherapy. Points of acupuncture are located on meridians, which are channels for energy flows. With the help of their proper stimulation, you can influence energy circulation, restoring the harmony and balance of the body as a whole. Massaging of biologically active points is performed with fingers, knees, elbows and feet, thus it improves the functioning of the corresponding organs and systems of the body.

What is reflexotherapy? This type of massage can be used to reduce pain symptoms, relax muscles and improve hemodynamics, problems with digestion, sleep and other types of ailments. The Royal Thai Spa beauty salon specialists use various oriental practices that affect the entire body, including the energy state of a person.

Reflexotherapy is one of the Thai massage areas that allows patients to relax and recover from stress. Herbs, oils, and special sticks are used as tools that enhance the healing effect. The procedure can be performed on a couch or mats.

Reflexotherapy to lose weight

The human body is a complex system, and if the functions of one are disrupted, the rest will be disrupted and malfunctioned. Reflexotherapy treatment involves the elimination of the disease’s root cause and not the symptoms of the unhealthy condition. Excess weight is a real problem for modern people, even with an active lifestyle. Poor diet, regular stress, and other things contribute to weight gain.

The basics of reflexotherapy as a non-medical method to treat excess body weight are of special interest. One of the practice features is strengthening blood circulation, as a result of which the accumulation of toxins and wastes is reduced and the processes of their removal from the body are activated. Foot reflexotherapy is based on influencing certain points on the feet, which, in turn, improves the functioning of internal organs, increases the body’s performance, thereby stabilizing the emotional state.

It is possible to solve problematic health issues with the help of massage, reflexotherapy in the Royal Thai Spa salon, whose specialists will always find an integrated approach to solve the problems of their clients. You can get acquainted with the services of the beauty center at any time. The salon's website provides complete information about the services provided, their cost, duration of sessions and techniques. You can also please a person you love and buy a gift certificate for one of the procedures.

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