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You do not know how to spend a nice evening with friends? You are already bored of cafes and clubs? You should definitely try the SPA Party at the Royal Thai Spa. This is an extraordinary offer to spend pleasant time with the company of two-six people for the benefit of your health.

From the history, we can assume that the SPA-party take its origin from ancient Rome, where collective visits to the thermal baths were practicing. After all, the word “SPA” itself is an abbreviation that stands for Latin Sanitas pro Aqua, which translates as "health through water". However, today the choice of SPA treatments expanded considerably, including not only health centers with water, but the use of therapeutic mud, salt, oil massage, and more. SPA treatments are working to strengthen the whole body by activating the metabolism, stimulating blood circulation and remove toxins and waste products. Every SPA visits gives a skin a second wind, it gets more vitality and tone.

So what could be better SPA? Only the SPA Party.  In English-speaking countries this kind of entertainment has become so popular that even, a new word appeared - SPARTY - that perfectly captures the concept of such a pastime: the combination of fun with friends and useful procedures that have a beneficial effect on your health and beauty.

The reason for the SPA Party can be any holiday or event - a birthday, usual week-end. SPA Party is also an ideal way to spend a bachelorette party, for relaxing treatments easily remove anxiety and tension what is proper to the period of wedding preparations. Besides, taking care of your skin, they will help you to be unique on the day of the ceremony.

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