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Tok Sen massage - what is it: a panacea or a path to beauty?


According to oriental healers, body health is closely related to mental balance. It is manifested in the ability to relax, enjoy pleasant moments, self-control, and so on. Among the principles of Chinese techniques that are focused on integrity must necessarily meet the physical component of human beings.

Nowadays, there still exist such ancient techniques as Tok Sen massage. The technique is part of the Lanna Kingdom healing practice that is over 5000 years old. The performance of any type of Thai massage is aimed at interacting with the energetic system leading to the normalization of Qi flows.

A true master will independently determine those body parts that require more attention and elaboration. In areas where tension is felt the most, there is a blockage of energetic channels.

Tok Sen massage: session description

During the Thai massage session, particular attention is paid to the atmosphere. For this, a harmonious atmosphere is created: the color of the interior, aromas, sounds - all this should contribute to relaxation. The therapeutic effects of Tok Sen are accompanied by tapping on the energetic lines of the human in combination with yoga massage. During the procedure, special tools are used, a hammer or two or more tamarind sticks are used as a massager.

Tok Sen massage is completely painless. The rhythmic tapping has a calming effect to achieve maximum relaxation of the whole body. Soft pressings are carried out with thumbs while deep with palms, elbows, knees, and feet.

Massage with a wooden mallet: basic instructions

Tok Sen Thai massage has an effect of deep activation of biologically active points which helps to achieve relaxation of clamped muscles in a very effective way. The technique is helpful for musculoskeletal system diseases, in particular, the back, as well as some internal organs. Thanks to Tok Sen, tendons and ligaments can be put right on the line.

A unique hammer massage has a pronounced therapeutic result in:

  • fatigue and lack of vitality;
  • rehabilitation as a result of stress or after heavy physical exertion;
  • immune system disorders;
  • manifestation of psychosomatic diseases;
  • decrease in muscle tone, etc.

Tok Sen massage will lead to restoration of energy status, cleansing the body, and removing negative energy.

The benefits of massages are beyond doubt. The techniques of the Ancient East possess amazing power of touch. Besides the therapeutic effect on the body, it is also possible to maintain youthful skin via manual techniques for which Kobido massage is very useful.

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