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Ultrasound cavitation for weight loss


Well-known ways to prevent obesity are not limited only to diet and the selection of suitable massage practices. There are many more modern methods that allow you to achieve a noticeable reduction in abdomen, sides, and hips fat deposits. These include not only painful liposuction, which implies surgical intervention but also an ultrasound abdomen cavitation.

As practice shows, the hardware method of exposing subcutaneous fat is in no way inferior to most known methods in its effectiveness. Body cavitation allows you to get rid of fat quickly. This is a non-surgical process that is done quickly and painlessly.

Cavitation - what is it, and how is it done

The cavitation effect has long been known to physicists. It implies the formation of bubble voids in a liquid or semi-liquid environment, with their further collapsing. In cosmetology, this effect is used to remove fat deposits by applying an ultrasound exposure. Anti-cellulite cavitation is quite effective because it helps to lose weight quickly in the right body areas due to specific exposures on problem areas: thighs, abdomen, shoulders, sides, buttocks, arms, etc.

Replacing massage, cavitation provides the splitting of old fat deposits, breaks up new adipose tissue. You can significantly reduce the size of your body, get rid of cellulite, and perform figure correction. An important result of cavitation is no damage to other parts of the body. Since when using the method of general weight loss, not only problem areas are often engaged but also those body parts for which weight loss was not intended; for example, the breast size reduction or the face becomes haggard.

Cavitation: how does it work

To remove fat, low-frequency ultrasound is applied to adipose tissues. Due to the bubbles formation, its rapid splitting happens. The procedure affects only fat cells. Other parts of the body, for example, muscle fibers, blood vessels and capillaries, are not exposed in any way because they have a denser and stronger structure. Moreover, the side effects of cavitation have a beneficial effect, a kind of micro-massaging.

The fat released from the cells is excreted naturally through the lymphatic system and partially through the blood.

The result of cavitation is a noticeable local fat loss, an increase in muscle tone, a tightening and improvement of the skin and subcutaneous tissues.

Cavitation pros and cons

Indications for cavitation:

  • Local fat deposits on the sides and abdomen
  • Cellulite, regardless of the stage
  • Flabby arms, back, and external thigh area
  • External fibrosis

At the same time, this technique has some peculiar features; they should be taken into account before signing up for procedures. Contraindications for cavitation:

  • Pregnancy or lactation
  •  Menstruation
  • Chronic diseases, oncology, diabetes mellitus
  • Benign neoplasms
  • Metal implants or a pacemaker
  • Kidney and gallbladder stones
  • Ongoing inflammatory processes in the body
  • Heart diseases
  • Kidney and liver diseases

To find out whether cavitation is harmful, in each specific case it is worth consulting with your doctor.

How to do cavitation correctly

Preparation for cavitation is performed by applying a contact gel to the treated area. Next, the exposure is done with the help of a manipulator. Depending on the zone, the procedure time can be 20-40 minutes. When the operation of the ultrasound machine is completed, a hardware massage is performed. To increase the effectiveness of the weight loss course, it makes sense to combine ultrasound exposure with abdominal massage to get rid of unwanted fat faster.

How effective cavitation is, how often to do it – all this information can be found out from a specialist. To understand how many cavitation procedures are needed, you should discuss the duration of the course with a cosmetologist. On average, 3-10 procedures performed once a week are sufficient. One zone, as a rule, requires up to six procedures. After completing the course, at least a six-month interval is made.

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