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Will vacuum massage help to deal with cellulite during pregnancy?


The most important period in the life of every woman is bearing a child. It takes so much moral and physical strength that, it seems, you will never be able to rest. A depressed emotional state only makes the situation worse: due to hormonal and natural changes in the figure, women feel depressed. Cellulite and swelling make the situation worse. No need to despair, cupping massage during pregnancy should solve this problem.

For the baby's health, the mother’s mood and well-being are very important, so she should not be upset. It's time to get engaged in beauty treatments.

Is cupping massage during pregnancy body care or health threat? 

The doctors’ opinions about the appropriateness of the procedure for expectant mothers differ. Some believe that this is useful, the attitude of others to the implementation of such actions is sharply negative. Some experts argue that it is pointless to do cupping massage for cellulite during pregnancy because the reason for the appearance of the "orange peel" is hormonal. There is no point in trying to do anything before the baby is born. Over time, estrogen levels will gradually return to normal. It will be easier for a woman to lose weight and get rid of unaesthetic body fat. This argument can be supported by the difficulties faced by massage doctors and their clients.

The principle of the cans’ action 

The small glass, plastic, or silicone vessels used for massage work like a sucker. They act not only on the skin but also on the deep layer of fatty tissue, create negative pressure and provoke a rush of blood and lymph to the treated area.

Difficulties of execution 

Fat deposits are predominantly formed on the buttocks and thighs. Less commonly, they can be seen on the abdomen, sides, and legs. Anti-cellulite cupping massage requires unhindered access to the massaged part of the body, therefore, it will obviously not be possible to do in the pregnant girl’s most problematic areas (on the buttocks and belly). A woman will not be able to lie down so as not to cause discomfort to herself or the fetus. And this is not the only nuance that makes the procedure impossible. 

Vacuum massage during pregnancy is also contraindicated because it belongs to rhythmic techniques. The measured rubbing movements and the suction cup effect accelerate the flow of lymph and blood. Usually, this is helpful but at the time of pregnancy can cause the formation of petechiae and hematoma.

Performing massage at home 

Despite the shortcomings of the technique, it remains popular. This is largely due to the availability and ease of implementation. The procedure performed at home is gentle because silicone or rubber cans are used to create a vacuum effect. Manufacturers allow the use of such massage containers even for face lifting. Therefore, in the early stages, it is quite possible to carefully work out the hips, however, the help of loved ones may be required. If a doctor who monitors the health of a pregnant girl approves of vacuum massage, then this procedure is carried out at home subjecting to the following rules:

  1. Before the start of exposure to cans, you need to warm up the skin slightly by rubbing it and then apply a special massage oil if there is no allergy to it.
  2. Movements are performed from bottom to top. The hip area can be treated in circular or straight smooth movements.
  3. It takes 3-4 minutes to work out each zone. The can should not be held in one place for more than three seconds, otherwise, it will provoke ruptured capillaries.


Vacuum massage during pregnancy is not performed in the third and sometimes in the second trimesters. A serious contraindication is the presence of varicose veins. This pathology often makes itself felt precisely during pregnancy. Special techniques are used to treat it. For example, lymphatic drainage massage for varicose veins can relieve heaviness in the legs and relieve swelling.

Doctors forbid some women to carry out such a type of procedure as cupping massage. There are reasons for this, no cause for despair. After giving birth, there will still be time to catch up. In the meantime, it is better to pay attention to other areas. Try a scalp massage with salt or other facial and hair spa procedures.

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