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Thai Face Massage

Type of massage: relaxing
Massage type: with makeup
Massages of individual parts of the body: face massage
For whom: for female, for male
Duration: 30 min
Price: 1620 UAH1800 UAH
* 30 minute procedures are not a standalone service.
They come as an additional option to the main ones.

Thai  Face  Massage - is  not only pleasant, but above all useful procedure, the main task of which is to restore the energy of the body. This massage is designed to bring physical comfort, emotional stability and psychological peace.

 Thai Face Massage is considered to be one of the effective treatments that will not leave anyone indifferent.  Skillful hands of the master will help you to relax and to find peace.  This is simply a short list of all the effects that you can achieve due to Thai Face Massage. Carrying out such procedures on regular basis you will forget about sleepless nights, chronic fatigue and unhealthy appearance, you will get rid of the symptoms of wrinkles. Face Massage  helps to remove scars and tighten the skin.

Face Massage in our salon is based on traditional Thai techniques that relax facial muscles, improve muscle tone and enhance the natural metabolism in the body and skin. This massage facilitates the flow of energy and harmony throughout  the body, resulting in improved skin texture.

Massage therapist presses on certain areas around  eyes, nose, mouth, and  works on temporal area , cheeks and forehead. Under the pressure of the fingers blood  begins to circulate more quickly, and as a result  metabolic processes on the cellular level become more intense.

Face Massage helps to activate the movement of blood and lymph circulation, it improves  cellular metabolism. The skin cells receive nutrients in the needed amount, wich results in faster production of elastin and collagen (substances "responsible" for skin elasticity). You will notice how fast puffiness and dark circles under eyes disappear,  muscles strengthen, the facial skin becomes more elastic. As a result of this treatment  the skin relaxes, which helps to smooth lines and wrinkles, the color and the general condition of your skin noticeably improves.

Before you begin, check out a number of contraindications:

- Inflammation of the facial skin

- Skin diseases

- Large moles and warts

- Oncology

- Cardiovascular diseases

For the best results it is  recommended to pass the course of at least 5 massages.

It can be supplemented with  aroma massage, foot massage, head massage, the SPA for hands.  If you wish, these massages can be performed by the second master at the same time.

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