SPA program

SPA Hand

Type of massage: healing, relaxing
Massage type: with oil
Massages of individual parts of the body: hand massage
For whom: for female, for male, for two
Duration: 30 min
Price: 800.00 UAH
* 30 minute procedures are not a standalone service.
They come as an additional option to the main ones.

Our hands are a kind of mirror of our life. Since your hands are always seen by people around, they rat out the state of our health, the real age that you desperately tried to hide, and general body tonus. It is so easy to damage your hands by long-time physical loads, poor or irregular nutrition, and tiresome work. And for women living in climatic zones that is the easy part – no gloves for a couple of days during the cold season and here you go.

Decorations won`t make your hands looking better if you have no manicure. And even the manicure will be a waste of time and money if you do not take due care of the skin of your hands. A comprehensive care is required. Thanks to the special hand procedures offered by salons, it won`t take too long but you will have the instant result.

SPA care for hands may include aroma oil baths, various wraps for deep nourishment of the skin, and special tools. This procedure is made up of two stages: cleansing (peeling off and dirt removal) and moisturizing, nourishing and protection (thanks to the restored optimal moisture balance in the skin, it becomes more soft and smooth, the skin is saturated with nutrients and vitamins, protected from the harmful environmental impact.

Our salon has worked out special SPA care for your hands that only takes 30 minutes and makes your hands cared and beautiful.

The procedure includes a mild peach oil scrubbing. Scrub granules gently remove dead cells so that vitamins and microelements easily penetrate into the skin. Peach oil intensively nourishes and moisturizes the skin. The hard texture covers the skin with a protective film so that it is protected from high temperatures and got prepared for the procedure.

The cream contains paraffin with lemon oil and grape seed oil saturating the skin with natural ingredients. Grape seed oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Lemon oil is perfect for toning and smoothing the skin. It prevents nail breaking and softens the cuticle.

‘Nourishing care’ cream with collagen intensely moisturizes and nourishes the skin penetrating into the deep layers of the epidermis. Collagen restores skin structure, improves its elasticity and firmness. The skin becomes fine and smooth.

Hands will become moisturized, nice on the touch. Cosmetic products used in this procedure are rich in vitamins and minerals that will keep your hands protected for a long time. Compliment your hands with beauty and fascinating care.

This massage perfectly adds to other procedures and can be given simultaneously if needed.

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