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Thai 4 Hands Aroma Massage

Type of massage: restoring, relaxing
Massage type: with oil
Massages of individual parts of the body: of the whole body
For whom: for female, for male, for a child, for two
Duration: 1 hour, 1 hour 30 min, 2 hours
Price: 5040 UAH5600 UAH
* 30 minute procedures are not a standalone service.
They come as an additional option to the main ones.

30-minute procedures are not an independent service. Go as an additional option to the main ones.

Thai 4 Hands Aroma Massage is known for its ability to easily eliminate fatigue and stress and improve sleep quality. It is a unique way to strengthen emotional state. Aromatherapy can achieve totally different effects: it can help both relax and give a boost of energy at the same time, activating all beneficial processes in the body.

Why is Aromatherapy useful?

Since ancient times, people understood the healing power of essential oils and used it for the good of the body. Every single oil affects our body and spirit at different levels and in different ways. Eastern tradition connects functioning of vital organs with certain emotional states. This is due to the fact that all these systems belong to different energy centers called chakras. These energy centers are the point of intersection of our physiological, psychological and emotional reactions. Aroma oils, which are widely used in Thai 4 Hands Aroma Massage, considered to be a powerful impact tool on the chakras.

Procedure of Thai 4 Hands Aroma Massage

In Thai 4 Hands Aroma Massage, two masters simultaneously use light sliding movements working with the entire body surface that improves lymph flow. Masters of massage follow the same pace and rhythm of Aroma Massage - slow and smooth. The procedure of Thai 4 Hands Aroma Massage begins from pronation. The master starts with the back zone, then moves to the arms and neck area, followed by work on the legs. After that, the master puts the customer on the back and, massaging the feet, rises to the abdomen area and chest, using light, sliding movements.

The technique of Thai 4 Hands Aroma Massage is standard and does not change very often, but aroma oils can vary depending on the client’s state or wishes.

The positive effects of Thai 4 Hands Aroma Massage

After Thai 4 Hands Aroma Massage, your  body and mind will be filled immediately  with harmony, and it does not matter which kind of oil has been chosen - relaxing or tonic. After the massage, you will mark such effects:

  • Improved blood circulation and lymph flow
  • Stabilization of  blood pressure
  • Harmonization of the central nervous system
  • Strengthening of immune system
  • Increased elasticity of the muscles, strengthened  joints
  • Increased resistance to stress 

Contraindications to Thai 4 Hands Aroma Massage

  • Recent surgery, fractures and joint damages
  • Acute forms of diseases
  • Allergies to certain aroma oils
  • Varicose veins
  • Infectious skin diseases  
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