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Head massage

Head massage can be a wonderful addition to any hourly procedure in our salon. Just add 30 minutes of this massage if you want the master to pay more attention to your head.

Effect of the procedure:

Good prevention of migraine, normalizes the tone of the vessels of the head, improves cerebral circulation, relieves swelling of the face, stimulates hair growth.

Type of massage: healing, relaxing
Massages of individual parts of the body: head massage
For whom: for female, for male, for two
Duration: 30 min
Price: 900.00 UAH
* 30 minute procedures are not a standalone service.
They come as an additional option to the main ones.


30-minute procedures are not an independent service. Go as an additional option to the main ones.

Our hands are like a mirror of our life. People see them all the time, hands can easily give away our well-being, age, which we carefully try to hide, and general body health. Due to the physical and tiresome work, poor diet or irregular meals our hands can easily be harmed.  Women that live in the areas with difficult climate conditions do not even need to try hard to ruin the beauty of the hands - it is enough to walk outside for couple of days without gloves during a cold season!

The most stunning jewelry cannot compensate the lack of manicure. And the nail polish can turn into wasted time and money, if you do not pay enough attention to the condition of skin of the hands. It is important to have  a complex care of your hands. Typically, salons offer special treatments for hands that do not take much time, but the results won’t make you wait too long.

SPA hand care can include a bath with essential oils, a variety of wraps for deep skin nutrition, and the use of special professional devices. This procedure can be divided into two phases -  cleansing (exfoliation of dead skin cells, and removal of impurities) and hydration, nutrition and protection: restoration of moisture balance in the skin, contributing to its softening and smoothing, filling the skin with nutrients and vitamins, skin protection from harmful effects of the environment.

Our salon has developed a special SPA treatment for your hands, which will take 30 minutes of your time and make your hands cared for and beautiful.

The procedure includes a soft scrub with peach butter. Pieces of scrub gently remove dead skin cells to help easy penetration of vitamins and minerals to the skin. Peach butter intensely nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Dense texture creates a protective layer, keeping skin from exposure to high temperatures and effectively preparing it for the procedure.

Cream - paraffin with lemon butter and grape seed oil nourishes the skin with natural ingredients. Grape seed oil has a strong antioxidant effect and it is rich in vitamins. Lemon oil perfectly tones and evens skin tone, prevents nail brittleness, makes cuticle soft.

Cream "Nourishing Care" with collagen  intensely moisturizes and nourishes the skin, penetrating into the deeper layers of the epidermis. Collagen helps to restore skin structure, increasing its elasticity and firmness. Skin becomes soft and smooth, and your hands feel moist and pleasant to the touch. Cosmetics used in this procedure fill your hands with vitamins and minerals, which will protect your them from the adverse environmental factors for a long time, giving  stunning beauty and unforgettable care.

This massage is a perfect addition to other procedures and ,if you wish, it can be performed by another master treating you with another kind of massage at the same time.

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