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Thai sports massage: recovery after training.


Thai sports massage appeared since the very beginning of the ancient culture of the East. The feature of this technique is that it acts as an ideal prevention of various diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, such a massage for athletes is recommended for those who play sports at a professional level and those who often deal with various physical activities.

Thai sports massage and its history 

The information about the benefits of massage after sports and what type of it to prefer, has actively begun to appear since the ancient times. We will briefly share the history of Thai procedure with you. For the first time, restorative massage for athletes was used in ancient Greece, when men were preparing for the Olympic Games. To ensure that the right body preparation, the locals used special oils and massaged the muscles. Many Greeks were confident that the result in the competition depended on how well the body was warmed up before the competition.

Later this technique was borrowed from the Greeks by the Byzantines, who used it to train their soldiers. After the end of the ancient empires, such procedures were forgotten. People returned to them only after the 19th century.

During this period, all the specifics consisted in the occurrence of such important physiological processes as a mechanical effect on the body and skin. Even at that time, it was found that this type of effect on the muscles helps to increase the blood circulation in the body, and to increase the endurance for athletes.

Key sports massage features 

Thai massage for athletes is represented by a particular type of a manual deep and intense impact, during which all muscle groups are worked out. This physical type of influence will allow you not only to get a complete relaxation, but also to recover from serious stress, which will later help to increase your performance. Thai sports massage has a preventive and therapeutic effect on the body. The main difference of this procedure from the classic one is that a targeted manual effect is performed.

If to consider what are the benefits of sports massage, the following factors can be highlighted:

  • normalization of lymphatic drainage and circulation in the body;
  • strengthening of all muscles in the body;
  • improvement of metabolic processes;
  • the risk of various injuries is reduced to zero;
  • the process of muscle contraction is better; 
  • removal of swelling and assistance in resolving bruises; 
  • pain relief; 
  • improvement of mental health. 

If you are wondering why athletes need massage, first you should pay attention to the advantages of the procedure, which are listed above. To make all massage manipulations even more pleasant, you need to use a special oil that helps to relax the body.

Thai massage after training: indications, contraindications and types

When asking the question of how sports massage differs from classical massage, it is worth noting that with the first type, a more targeted effect is carried out, which has a positive effect on the state of the body. The procedure is indicated in the following cases:

  • active lifestyle; 
  • constant physical activity, after which relaxation is a must;
  • a long pause or injury, after which there is a desire to return to sports;
  • qualitative strengthening of the immune system, the need to increase muscle mass and improve performance and endurance.

Using such a Thai sports massage benefits will be clear for everyone who sets a goal to improve the state of the body. With the help of the procedure, it is also possible to carry out a proper rehabilitation. 

Thai massage is good even for children. Such training exercises are indicated in the following cases:

  • problems observed in the functioning of the musculoskeletal system;
  • infectious diseases;
  • developmental disorders;
  • the child has a rapid fatigue;
  • skin rashes and dermatitis;
  • mental disorders.

Therefore, Thai sports massage can be used not only for athletes, but also for the kids’ rehabilitation. In Kiev, anyone who wants to try this type of manual therapy can turn to our professional massage therapists for help.

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