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Thai massage for children: features and benefits.


Experts and those who have felt the effect of its use have long been talking about the benefits of this procedure. The history of Thai massage, which came to us from far sunny Thailand, can tell many useful facts. But the secrets of the procedure are known to, for example, masters of the Royal Thai Spa in Kiev.

Today, most parents ask questions: is Thai massage allowed for kids, and also at what age it is recommended to do it. The answer will definitely be positive, but only when the procedure is performed by professional massage therapists. Unlike adult sessions, children have a gentler effect on the body.

Thai massage for kids: features 

The proper development of a child is the main task of parents who strive to give their child all the best. Pediatricians recommend to make children a massage of the back, tummy, legs and arms from birth. Light massaging movements calm the baby, but what about Thai massage? The effect is absolutely the same, so this technique is suitable for all people: from babies to the adults.

Thai massage for kids has the main difference, which consists in the technique, movements and force of influence. When it comes to a child’s body, the massage therapist carries out the procedure as carefully as possible, gently stimulating the skin and muscles. Massage contributes to:

  • development of children's motor skills;
  • strengthening muscle, immune and nervous systems;
  • treatment of most illnesses;
  • the child’s physical and mental development.

When performing child Thai massage, the therapist takes into account many nuances, because the techniques differ depending on the age of the child. Conventionally, the age when you can start making procedures is divided into:

  • 0–3 years (without contraindications);
  • 4–12 years;
  • after 12 years. 

For the last age category, it is allowed to perform a traditional massage session, which is offered for the adult person, taking into account the characteristics and strength of the child’s muscles.

The event is accompanied by relaxing music, for example, like in yoga, and therefore affects the emotional and physical state of the baby. It is also important to know the benefits of Thai massage for athletes: recovery after training should be regular. What about children, after the procedure, they become quieter, increased restlessness disappears, and hyperactivity decreases.

The distinctive features of such Thai massage are the following:

  • gentle impact;
  • less movement amplitude;
  • minimal pressure.

Moreover, before the session, parents need tell about the desired effect of the procedures. Session time will depend on age. 

Child massage Thai: benefits

From the age of 4, the active formation of the musculoskeletal system begins, so special attention should be paid to the spine. Thai massage for kids is a system that combines the elements of yoga, stretching, rubbing and kneading, which has only a positive effect on the body.

Often, this procedure helps to forget about some problems without medication. In addition, massage brings pleasant emotions and lifts your spirits. Massaging is performed using special soothing oils that have a beneficial effect on the body. There is no pain or discomfort during the massage.

Where to make a professional Thai massage for a child

The Royal Thai Spa Thai massage saloon offers a complex set of services to take care of your organism and health, including programs for kids. With the help of a convenient filter on the beauty center’s website, you can quickly find the procedure you need using the following parameters:

  • effect from the procedure;
  • massage type;
  • massaging separate parts of the body;
  • age and gender;
  • duration. 

In order to get your baby ready for the session and to be able to feel relaxed one-on-one with the massage therapist, it is recommended to start getting acquainted with the Thai methodology in advance.

The saloon's website has all the necessary information, including price. It is also possible to give a gift to your loved ones and purchase a massage certificate.

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