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You are expecting a very special event: birthday of your loved one, important occasion, or a long-awaited anniversary. Or maybe you simply would love to express gratitude or show your care to somebody who is dear to you. What could be the best gift? What can make your gift special and useful?

Here, in Royal Thai SPA massage salon, you will find all the answers to your questions. Gift certificate is a wonderful and magical gift that will be a pleasant surprise and will certainly bring unforgettable joy!

Please note that a visit to our salon with a gift certificate is possible only by appointment at any free time and time convenient for you except February 14 and March 8.

If you are still hesitating, we can help you to make a choice! Here are several reasons why you should chose Royal Thai Spa salon:

  • Only the best, highly qualified massage therapists work in Royal Thai Spa massage salon. They can perform any kind of Thai massage, using old, traditional techniques known from centuries ago.
  • For massage procedures we use only natural and certified products. We always select and test oils and materials very carefully, and we can guarantee that we will find the best option for you.
  •  Thai massage helps to relax, it relieves stress, improves the activity of the nervous system. It even helps to eliminate toxins! And these are not all its benefits! In short, Thai massage is the important part of a healthy lifestyle of a modern person.
  • You know exactly which procedure you want to choose for a gift. Well, we will issue the gift certificate exactly for this kind of massage! Maybe you are not sure what your loved ones will enjoy. No problem, we will send a certificate for the amount of money you are ready to spend. Moreover, for your convenience, you can order a gift certificate and pay for it on our website. And do not worry about the delivery - will send it at convenient time to the specified address.
  •  We are always open to something new and are very happy to make your wishes come true. Spa for two ... romantic gift for a loved one. Maybe you want to surprise your colleagues? We say that it is a great idea and be sure that we will offer a system of discounts and personal forms of gift certificates.
  • Thai massage is associated with relaxation, pleasant moments and care. Choosing a gift certificate from the "Royal Thai Spa", you give  your loved ones a wonderful chance to experience these feelings. We will do all our best so that your gift brings only joyful emotions and somebody could smile back to you and say "thank you".

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