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A face is a visiting card of a person in any situation. Your face is the first thing people pay attention to when they meet you. Like our body, it requires regular care.

The face can tell a lot about a person`s health condition, psychological and emotional well-being, and a lifestyle. As a rule, if you feel bad, you face becomes oedematic, you have under-eye circles, the skin becomes less elastic and sagged. In case of sleep deprivation, your eyes become red and swollen. Poor and unhealthy nutrition causes digestive conditions resulting in face allergies, redness and, probably the worst thing - acne.

Today we have dozens of methods to get rid of this or that defects

Beauty salons offer different massages, care, cleaning, and even facial injections. Usually, all these procedures are time-consuming and have postponed effect. Sometimes the procedure is painful and discomfiting.

The network of our SPA salons ‘Royal Thai Spa’ in Kyiv focuses on various facial and body massage programs. Skilled and qualified massage therapists will give you a relaxing and rejuvenating facial massage that will have the following immediate benefits:

● improved blood circulation of the facial skin;
● clean pores of the facial skin;
● firmed facial contours;
● complete removal of small wrinkles;
● visible smoothing of deep wrinkles;
● keeping the skin smooth and elastic for a long period;
● boosted confidence!

A ‘Thai facial massage’ may be taken together with a ‘Moisturizing Complex for the Face and Neck’ to make your skin hydrated and restore water balance.
Any massage, including facial will be effective if you take it in courses. Everything depends on a person; it is recommended that you take at least five sessions with the frequency of once a week.
Stay healthy and beautiful forever!


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