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Today, the word ‘Cellulite’, which is also fairly called ‘the issue of the 21st century’, makes women around the world go into panic mode! However, the network of our massage salons Royal Thai Spa in Kyiv has worked out a special program to get rid of this issue within a comprehensive approach to body sculpting.

But what really is this ‘orange peel effect? Is it threatens our health or is it just a far-fetched issue of a cosmetic industry? How to get rid of it and is it worth doing so? Let us shed light on the issue that concerns every woman involuntarily facing it.

Cellulite is congestion in the subcutaneous adipose tissue causing its structural change. The reason is the way of our life. Physical inactivity, poor/inadequate or irregular nutrition, harmful habits are all the causes of low blood microcirculation and lymphatic outflow (the abovementioned ‘congestion’) in such problem areas as:
● buttock area;
● hips;
● forearms;
● abdominal section.

Who suffers from cellulite?

It has been said that only overweight persons face this issue, both women and men ... But that is not quite the case. Cellulite is poor nutrition of body cells. Yes, overweight people are more likely to have it just because the area that requires nutrients supply is greater than that slim people have, it is simply a lack of nutrients. But our salons helped skinny girls who faced this issue. And there are a fairly large number of them. No one is immune to this!

Can we talk about men?

For men, it may become a medical issue. The point is that women are more likely to have cellulite. It is somehow tied to the female hormonal system. That is why men should consult an attending doctor and have female hormone tests once the initial stages of cellulite appeared on the skin.

Why is it called ‘the issue of the 21st century’?

It's quite simple. As we already said, this is more a cosmetic defect rather than a condition. So, one day, back in 1973, the world-famous women's magazine ‘Vog’ published a mercenary article of the owner of one of the most famous beauty salons in Hollywood, Nicole Ronsard. Since the woman was really respected in the world of beauty, her idea and definition that small fat bumps on the skin should be cellulite was followed. She did nothing special, she just raised a subject no one had talked about before, that was considered normal and no one struggled to get rid of it ...

What kind of conclusions can we make?

Is cellulite life-threatening? - No! Is it bad for your body? - To some degree, Yes! Although it is a cosmetic defect, the areas with poor nutrition cannot be called healthy by default ... Yes, cellulite is more an aesthetic defect than a medical condition, that is why we do not need medications, but massages, wraps and, of course, exercising!

What is to be done?

Thanks to the modern approaches, it is really easy to get rid of this issue. Practically every beauty or massage salon offers special complexes and SPA-programs to become free from the ‘orange peel effect’. Your task is to find the most suitable conditions and the most effective methods in a bid to have a beautiful body.

The network of our massage SPA salons offers a ‘Thai anti-cellulite massage’ that fights the subcutaneous fat deposits, and ‘Lymphatic drainage slim massage’ that makes the body more shaped. In the course of these procedures, a Thai massage master massages up the full body surface and work with the active biological points improving massage effect and blood flow to the areas that need it.

Massage benefits

● helps remove body toxins and waste;
● breaks down fats;
● improves lymphatic drainage;
● stimulates the production of elastin and collagen also called rejuvenating proteins;
● rejuvenates the skin and makes it firm;
● makes hips and buttocks muscles more elastic;
● has anti-cellulite effect
Dear girls and women visit one of our SPA-salons in Kyiv and our individual and the most effective program will help you get rid of cellulite and have beautiful and slim body!


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