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In a modern world “SPA” is a very popular combination of letters. SPA procedures are essential part of every salon of Thai Massage . Well, what does this word mean?

According  to the history, there are two theories  of  the origin of this word: historical and  geographical . The first theory says that the word “SPA” is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase «Sanus per Aquam» or «Sanitas pro Aqua», which means "health by means of water" or "health through water". This concept has been known since the days of ancient Rome, where for healing of different health problems hot springs and thermal baths were used. This recovery method was called SPA.

The second theory, which is based on the geographical origin, says that the word “SPA” has derived from the name of the Belgian city with the same name. SPA  therapy spring was found in 1326 and reached its popularity in the 18th century, when the royals who have heard about its healing properties started to come to this spring.

Today  the word gained wider meanings.  SPA is a wellness complex of procedures using different kinds of water -  mineral, sea or fresh water,  sea algae or salts, mud treatments, wraps and healing herbs.

The number of people discovering  SPA as a way to maintain health, beauty, youth is rapidly increasing.  A variety of SPA  salons, SPA cosmetics, wellness centers, SPA hotels and resorts, as well as many books and articles about this phenomenon  describe SPA today as a powerful industry.

The main goal of SPA procedures is to bring improvements and relaxation of the whole body. Acting through the skin, all the ingredients used in these procedures  activate metabolic processes, improve health, the skin becomes velvety soft and filled with life and energy.

SPA includes the number of complex and esthetic programs and  technologies  to restore health and beauty  by acting on all six senses: sight - interior and furniture in the room, sound - music or combination of sounds and silence,  sense of touch – feelings of warmth or cold, and  tactile impact,  taste - balance  of 4 basic tastes: sweet, bitter, sour and salty, as well as intuition or subconscious which form the final feeling of satisfaction and comfort. Comfort in SPA is achieved not only by means of psychotherapeutic  influence, but also through the high level of culture and service.

SPA has a number of directions  - health, which helps in restoring health and disease prevention, traditional,  which  restores physical and mental health with the use of natural healing resources or their synthetic analogues,  ethnic  direction - Thai massages, rehabilitation acupuncture, hammam and sauna.

In our salon we present SPA programs that focus on rehabilitation  –  Coconut Delight,  Sea Breeze and SPA programs aimed at correcting the shape  of your body  –  Sea Power and the Magic of Chocolate. After visiting our SPA procedures, you will get a perfect, velvety, delicate, and ,most importantly,  healthy skin. Love yourself and your body!

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