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Aroma candles

For this massage we use French candles, which are made of only natural ingredients: soy and beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, illipe and jojoba. This procedure is a Ritual: it all starts with the master lighting candles, then warm oil from a melted candle is used for massage. Do not worry about being burned with hot wax. Candles have an optimum melting point, and initially the master pours oil on his/her hands. And then, from the hands of the master, warm oil spreads throughout your body, and gives you an unforgettable feeling of relaxation. This massage came to us from Ayurveda. Heated oils are applied to the skin, providing it with protection, nutrition, moisturizing and giving a unique smell.

Effect of the procedure:

Relaxation, calming the nervous system. The skin after the procedure remains moisturized and silky to the touch for a long time. We recommend that you go through this procedure after sunbathing at sea to moisturize and nourish dry and dehydrated skin damaged by the sun.

Type of massage: restoring, relaxing
Massage type: with oil
Massages of individual parts of the body: of the whole body
For whom: for female, for male, for a child, for two
Duration: 1 hour, 1 hour 30 min
Price: 2500.00 UAH
* 30 minute procedures are not a standalone service.
They come as an additional option to the main ones.

30-minute procedures are not an independent service. Go as an additional option to the main ones.

Massage with aroma candle is one of the most delicate procedures . What could be nicer than a warm, aromatic massage that will bring not only a lot of joyful and pleasant memories, but also moisturize your skin, give it nourishment and protection. This massage technique is borrowed from Ayurveda - Indian traditional system of medicine.  This teaching says: for a man to be healthy it is important  to maintain both body and mind in harmony. But being always in a  hurry, we often find ourselves in stressful situations that lead to the disorder of the nervous system, as a result we feel bad. Such behavior can result in loss of appetite, poor sleep, apathy. All these factors affect not only our health in general, but also our appearance, and first of all our skin. We do not get enough sleep - there are dark circles under our eyes; we do not have good appetite – here we go: our body does not get the right amount of vitamins and minerals. As a result our skin becomes dry and lifeless.

Massage with aromatherapy candle will help you to regain energy, which in its turn normalizes the work of the nervous system. No more stress, no more headaches!  This procedure is recommended both to women and men.

Aroma candles are very rich in natural mineral components  that will help your skin to stay moisturized and silky, filled with useful substances, they  will protect skin from adverse external factors.

Soybean oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin, helps to retain moisture. It rejuvenates aging skin, restores its tone and elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Beeswax has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect on the skin. It softens rough skin, stimulates regeneration processes in the epidermis. It supports optimal water balance in the body.

Shea butter has softening, moisturizing, protective and strong regenerating properties.

This procedure takes place on a table: master heats the candle to the temperature comfortable for your body, and with smooth and easy movements, starting with the feet, massages the whole body. The procedure ends with a massage of the head and face without the use of candles.

In our salon there is a choice of scented candles. Before the procedure, you will be able to choose the scent you like.

As with other procedures, massage with a candle has a number of contraindications.

  • allergies for  the components that make up the candles
  • skin diseases
  • candle scent intolerance
  • recent surgeries
  • oncology diseases

Massage Aroma Candle can be supplemented with foot massage, the SPA for hands, massage of head or face, scrub. These massages of your choice can be done for you by the second master at the same time.

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