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Stone massage

This relaxation procedure is aimed at calming the nervous system, warming the joints and restoring the energy balance of the body. Basalt stones of volcanic origin are used as heat conductors. The master alternates massage with warm hands and massage with hot stones, laying them on energetically active points. This massage method has calming and sedative effects.

Effect of the procedure:

Calms the nervous system, relieves muscle tension, has an analgesic effect for the joints. The skin after this procedure is moisturized.

Type of massage: restoring, relaxing
Massage type: with oil
Massages of individual parts of the body: of the whole body
For whom: for female, for male, for two
Duration: 1 hour, 1 hour 30 min
Price: 2700.00 UAH
* 30 minute procedures are not a standalone service.
They come as an additional option to the main ones.

30-minute procedures are not an independent service. Go as an additional option to the main ones.

Stone Massage is a procedure that combines the use of heated stones and shiatsu massage. Stones are put on certain areas of the body and it helps to relax, to bring harmony to the nervous system, to relieve muscle pain. This procedure is a good way of treatment and prevention of various diseases. In addition, Stone Massage helps in losing weight: it makes metabolic processes work faster.

Tradition of stone therapy

Stone Massage in Kiev is relatively new, but in the East this technique has been known for thousands of years. It is a fact, that in Mesopotamia doctors used to put hot stones on the body of the patient, and in Japan the monks often used the healing properties of rocks for different health problems. It is also known that American Indians believed in the miraculous properties of stones, saying that the stone is a powerful source of cosmic energy. Whether it’s true or not, we do not know, but those who have tried Stone Massage in Kiev confirm the idea that during the procedure you have a feeling of being dissolved and you become part of nature and universe. This creative energy gives you new strength and makes you feel happy.

Description of the procedure

Stone Massage is based on reflexology and energy-temperature impact of stones. During the procedure, the master takes turn using hot and cold stones. Hot stones are basaltic rocks, as basalt keeps warmth for a long time, and cold stones are made of marble, which stay cool even on the hottest day. Before, the stones were heated in the sun, now special heating units are used in the salons.

During the session, the light should be subdued, and fragrances around - soft and soothing. Procedure Stone Massage is done on the mat. In the beginning, the master applies essential oils on the body. Then, he slowly relaxes the client, lightly touching the back with stones or placing them along the backbone. Later, the therapist lays out stones on bioactive points of the body: from the toes to the eyes, and then he massages free areas of ​​the body. It starts like a regular massage, but gradually it becomes massage with heated to 40 (104 F) degrees stones, the heat of which penetrates into the depths of your body. Experts recommend to finish Stone Massage with a cup of herbal or green tea.

Healing properties of Stone Massage

Besides the fact that Stone Massage is an opportunity to relax and feel yourself a weightless particle of the universal flow of energy, it has the following effects:

  • Stimulates the immune system  
  • Harmonizes the central nervous system: eliminates traces of fatigue and stress, improves sleep quality and general emotional state
  • Eliminates deep muscle tension
  • Supports the activities of the internal organs and body systems
  • Relieves inflammation
  • Contributes to the removal of small stones and sand from the gallbladder
  • Facilitates the work of the digestive system


  • Diseases in the acute stages and fever
  • High blood pressure
  • Infectious diseases of the skin
  • Diseases of the lymphatic system
  • Open skin wounds
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