Everyone will be pleasured with SPA-party in our salon

Royal Thai SPA is waiting for you!

Autumn has come, but this is not a reason to drown into depression and despondency. Life goes on! Even if shimmers it with slightly different colors now. Warm shades: gold, burgundy, beige, mustard, brown. Do you feel how your consciousness is filled with calmness and comfort?

Finally, time for gatherings in fragrant cafes in the arms of soft blankets, meeting with girlfriends, an exciting pastime in the company of your beloved friends has come. It brings a lot of fun and pleasure.


Now in each of our salons you can hold an unforgettable SPA party.

How does this happen?

Nine people (maximum capacity) can simultaneously enjoy the procedures, which will be carried out in different rooms:

  1. relaxing massage with the use of aromatic chocolate (one of the most popular procedures in our salon);
  2. scrubbing, deep moisturizing of the skin with oils (coconut, argan, almond, etc.);
  3. a variety of wraps, peels for improving blood circulation, tone up;
  4. separate SPA treatments for hands and feet.

We suggest to visit our Hamam. The oriental procedures will not leave anyone indifferent. Mild steam opens pores, special products promote deep skin cleansing, detox-wraps rejuvenate the entire body.

The use of exclusively natural cosmetics (from France) provides complete care (cleansing, toning, nutrition).

After the treatment, an aroma massage is performed to soothe the mind and body.

After all rituals, a friendly company can gather in a separate room to discuss the magic that happened to them. This is usually accompanied by a storm of joyful emotions and experiences.

We propose to supplement the friendly conversation with tea.

During the SPA complex, the body loses a lot of fluid - toxins are removed, edema disappears. Herbal or large leaf green tea is ideal for rehydrating. Aromatic drinks not only help to further relax, but also improve lymph drainage.

Every time we observe the enthusiastic faces of our clients, we receive a lot of positive feedback and gratitude.

Treat yourself with unforgettable moments of goodness, pleasure. Taking care of yourself and communicating with loved ones is a wonderful combination of benefit and pleasure, isn't it?


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