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Traditional Thai Massage photo

Traditional Thai Massage

1800.00 UAH
Thai massage 4 hands photo

Thai massage 4 hands

2800.00 UAH
Thai aroma massage photo

Thai aroma massage

1800.00 UAH
Thai 4 Hands Aroma Massage photo

Thai 4 Hands Aroma Massage

2800.00 UAH
Thai foot massage photo

Thai foot massage

1800.00 UAH
Anti-stress massage photo

Anti-stress massage

1800.00 UAH
Sabay-sabay massage photo

Sabay-sabay massage

2530.00 UAH
The neck, head, face photo

The neck, head, face

1800.00 UAH
Head massage photo

Head massage

900.00 UAH
Pahop massage photo

Pahop massage

2000.00 UAH


1800.00 UAH
Stone massage photo

Stone massage

2700.00 UAH
Aroma candles photo

Aroma candles

2500.00 UAH
Massage for pregnant women photo

Massage for pregnant women

1800.00 UAH

Traditional Thai massage features

Traditional Thai massage - is a special kind of massage, the action of which is aimed at stimulating energy-active points. It has a number of features and individual diferences in fight characteristics in comparison with other more traditional types of massage for us:

1. Point stimulation. Allows you to direct the efect of massage exactly in the direction in which it is necessary, without afecting the non-desirable or not planned for the massage zone.

2. Tatami - an elastic carpet (mattress), which is still used in professional martial arts, such as: judo and aikido. On it the therapist carries out all procedures, traditional Thai massage and its variety. As it was previously said, Thai massage - is a point stimulation, which the therapist conducts in combination with rubbing along the lines of the lymph fow with his own feet, knees, elbows. Agree, on the traditional massage table used in classical types of massage, it would be almost impossible.

3. Passive Yoga. May seem strange, but it is the use of yoga elements, more precisely some of its classic poses, that allows the patient’s body to be relaxed as much as possible by alternately stimulating diferent zones of the body. An additional efect from the use of elements of yoga can also be called the fact that in the process of massage, the muscles, ligaments and joints that are stagnant with a not very active way of live are actively stretching. Need to be noted that no special physical preparation from the client is required.

4. Aroma-oil and aroma-therapy. now aroma-oils are used almost everywhere in all massage salons. But the basic principle of action is the customer’s pleasure. Such favors do not carry any additional efect, except for creating a cozy atmosphere (vanilla, citrus). A distinctive feature of the oils used for Thai massage, is that their choice is not accidental. Aroma-therapy is an ancient science that uses the efects of volatile aromatic substances from plants on the body.

5. The use of auxiliary elements (stones, bamboo sticks, etc.). Each of these additional elements is only auxiliary to the basic principles of Thai massage, but has its own separate efect. or example, bamboo sticks help to perfectly stimulate the nervous system. Massage with hot stones relaxes muscle mass, allows you to remove pain and clamps, which is especially important for those who lead either an excessively active lifestyle (professional athletes), or, on the contrary, absolutely passive.


It is important to remember that before a traditional Thai massage the master must necessarily ask about your emotional state. If either you or therapist is not in calm mood, the procedure should be moved to a more appropriate time.There are also a number of physiological contraindications, among which:

  • surgical interventions;
  • bone fractures and joint damage;
  • infectious diseases of the skin;
  • acute diseases;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • serious disorders of the cardiovascular system;
  • pregnancy.

It should also be mentioned that you should not eat less than two hours before a Thai massage. But if the meal is still taken, it is better to warn the master about it. Traditional Thai massage salon in Kiev «Royal Thai Spa» is ready to ofer its clients all kinds of Thai massage. Welcome!

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